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Vlka Roseovch piostuje. Vysoud Ochotsk on Rosol Millions?

When it happened in the fall of 2016 that Luk Rosol and Michael Ochotski were separated, it was like a long-lasting crisis. But they didn't come back to her husband.

One of Rosolv's reasons could have been with Aneta Znamenkova, who was even capable of going to the house, and for twenty million he bought it first with Ochotsk and where they wanted children to t building.

Though Michael Ochotsk is considered one of the largest sightviews in the Czech Republic, and by Rosol, they should not have been signed up to an old-fashioned contract, according to their information.

If all the years went to the estate with one condition, that was for Andreas's son, t Michaela Ochotsk told Bleska Kamardka that she should be allowed to pay her son regularly.

She committed up to a million assets that would be placed in a balanced manse. All your pension from the sale of the hotel in Uhnves had come to him! hard managers kamardka.

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But today it is different. Although Ross can offer a strong arrest, he can be given about a quarter of a thousand years. And he didn't just live!

The Sweat who surprised Ochotsk through his brave Peter, who has described his mother as a persistent mother, when she sent two million crowns from Rosol in the last 21 msc, as we heard, went to Ochotsk through his instagrams and let her go to Rosol.

The question about what will be available now. Since Michael Ochotsk loved to claim his son, he asked if he could think about the issue. If the court was right, zhy would be million.

If the pension made by Luk Rosol had affected their marriage, the sale he bought for 20 million crowns, he sold good pay for 26 million. And if the court decides what the best way it might be.

So we know how this battle has passed. They may have to make a decision.

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