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Volkswagen wants to buy a division in the Chinese automaker –

Volkswagen has cooperated with the Chinese JAC as part of a joint initiative to drive the electric carriages, and some of the sectors have no ownership. According to sources, it plans to deal with sales with the semi-state shareholders that hold about 40 per cent of the JAC sectors. The fifth control is made by local government and the remainder are sold on the Beijing Stock Exchange.

China is the world's biggest car market, with the demand for electric cars to grow rapidly due to air pollution in cities.

The VW Group, also called Škoda Auto, would continue to blend BMW. He agreed in October last year that China Automotive Holding's Brilliance control of China's main 3.6 billion euros would control Brilliance. Daimler, another German activist, plans to expand his company in Chinese BAIC Motor.

Previous businesses were not allowed to control the Chinese businesses before. Last year, however, the Chinese government removed those barriers to companies that make full-electric and hybrid cars;

Volkswagen did not clearly state the plans for Reuters, but he did not deny it. He said he "is currently examining every opportunity for success in China for a long time".

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