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When the pirate is drawing back, the crisis doesn't exist. It is also necessary to acquire a companion, according to Pospíšil

The future of the Prague consortium will be decided on Friday at a consortium meeting. The US Army Commander Jiří Pospíšil is seeking to settle disputes with pirates to investigate the empty flats of Prague. The idea of ​​pushers is used to assess data from electricity amounts. However, according to Pražská energetika (PRE), the necessary data is obtained without causing public privacy. As well as pirates, housing support adviser Hana Kordová Marvanová (STAN), who is sitting behind Pospíšil, is thrilled because the riot is jeopardizing the partnership.

From a business trip to Taiwan, Major Zdeněk Hřib (pirates) came to his first emergency for the Prague consortium. However, Jiří Pospíšil, Chair of the United Power's coalition party for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN), called the dispute over the decision to decide how many empty buildings were helped by electricity sizes. Urban leadership will be streamlined on a Friday morning at a coalition meeting.

“If pirates recognize that our arguments are relevant, then our partnership is not progressing the KSCM program, we will consider doing so. On the other hand, I must say that we are not prepared to accept this. and dealing with property, so they will need to find another partner, ”said Pospíšil.

The whole problem is that pirates want to obtain data from PREAT electricity in Prague flats so that they can measure the number of flats empty and so no use. They want to know if this is a major problem that the province should deal with against the lack of Prague buildings. The idea will be different.

According to pirates, the disputes with Pospisil are merely misconceptions. "I'm sure we are saying swiftly because we do not encourage people to push over electric amounts or take in empty flats tax. If Mr Pospisil took the phone and phoned him for calls. T the mayor, he will learn quickly as it is, the media said we are pushing for something we don't stop, "said housing councilor Adam Zábranský (pirates).

As PRET data should be an anonymous data, that is not for data about certain rooms or the residents, this information is collected by Zabrans spitzing. However, according to TOP 09's chairman, its city city has the opportunity to access anonymous electricity use information in individual city areas today.

"Thank them, you can find out, and now I am thinking about the exact numbers, that there are three levels of favorable in Prague 1, but nobody can tell you if they are flats or sites." As a result, it leads to the pirates for this number, so they let it out, but I don't know what to read, 'said Pospíšil.

This is confirmed by PRE. "This is the way we analyze the data for the energy concept, where individual units and individual parts are monitored, but they are not targeted on flats. or on the low level of wear, "said PRE spokesman Petr Holubec.

At the same time, he says that the company is able to provide more accurate data to the village which is directly aimed at buildings, based on which the managers of the town see empty flats as the measured electricity use. "But we will not pass on any data to anyone that might have a link with a particular room," said Holubec.

I don't see any crisis, Marvan says

Housing support adviser Hana Kordová Marvanová (STAN) will also note the poor Pospíšil perspective, which had been selected as the Pospíšil group for the city council.

"I don't see it very bad. I am deeply shocked by the depth of the corrie. I realized that it's not just a point of thinking about the pirates and that it's not something that they've put into action now t , said he.

Accordingly, Pospisil did not speak to his practices against the pirates at the US Generation Club for Prague and he explains how he worked from the weight of voters on the right. "Perhaps when it is chair of TOP 09, voters and citizens have switched on it and asked for an explanation," said Marvan's adviser.

She said she, too, would oppose the measures, but had a written promise from the Lord Mayor, who sent it from Taiwan to every councilor, and said that he would explain everything after his return. his business journey.

There are still no higher charges for the board, pirates say

Pospisil also complained about whether a property tax could be increased for owners of vacant properties. For example, to raise rents or, at least, to raise money for the village to invest in affordable housing. A similar system works, for example, in Vancouver, Canada, which is trying to outlaw large foreign owners who are not interested in renting from buying their flats. T often the rents are rising for ordinary residents.

However, the pirates have an argument that they are not encouraging anything like that. However, Pospisil argues on the social networks with article last week, where Maor reported the problem of empty flats in Prague.

There, Boletus did not say he was keen to introduce a higher output tax. No such opportunity has been rejected because some of the foreign metropolises have taken the problem of buying empty flats in this way. He also said the decision on how to deal with the situation would be at one of the ministries, not the capital. However, in his opinion, Prague must obtain appropriate data to pass to the ministry.

Zábranský also speaks in the same way, admitting that vacant flats could be one of the options if it happened that the problem in Prague was caused by this problem. “But at first we want to find out how many empty flats are in Prague. When we find out, we can talk about whether it's a problem or how we want to settle it, "said Zabransky.

On the side of the pirates, the chair of the third party, Prague, Jan Čižinský, also stood according to the chair's need for a similar examination. He made no attempt to levy a toll on empty flats.

But Pospíšil refuses such cases. “As a right party, we respect private buildings as it can be achieved. If someone, based on money collected legally, is getting a proper estate under the Czech legislation, we will respect the Czech legislation, "he says. Even if he goes out to There is a key problem with the number of Prague empty buildings in number, Prague, but the Chamber of Deputies, are not going to resolve the situation like this.

"For example, by banning the buying of real estate from outsiders from the EU, I emphasize that I am unable to accept it any more, I can't think how could it be resolved, "said Pospisil. She fears that any impact on Czech families would also affect. "It is very difficult to find a solution that would not affect the Czech family, who acquired the Grandma apartment and not hire it immediately," said Pospisil.

In addition, people often buy second-floor security as an security for old age, as lack of pension reform does not give them better opportunities to prepare for later life years. Therefore, the state should not be punished by this state.

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