Zeman was a minister in Novkov. Her terms about the data are tired of Home

PRAGUE President Milo Zeman was the Minister for Business and Commerce Marty Novkov (for YES), who was consider what the reason for mobile data in the Czech Republic looked at the whole range of wireless wi-fi. Zeman on Thursday in Barrandov's television said he had been awful.

I would like the Minister to come back to a certain degree, the president said. He tried to come out of that, according to Zeman dl from the desires of others. It would not be tolerant if the minister had been stolen or made decisions that had negative negative effects, he later added.

The Minister for Agriculture, Miroslav Toman (SSD), spoke of the accused, was an incredible decline in the restaurant, but had to make meat from the pockets from the & # 39; Poland for Argentina, and later he returned his words.

Recently on the television Novkov said one of the ways to reduce mobile data in the Czech Republic. According to their ministry, they can now connect to wifi wireless. Prime Minister Andrei Babi (ANO) looks at her sad depression. There was nothing to tell the paper about the ideas and changes in public affairs.

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