Zlin's football player and the producer of the pipeline had a & # 39; continues to contract for two years

Jan Švanda, The Right

"Petr is an incredible professional who plays every game, he missed at least, not only he's on the side but also outside football football is an example to the others ", he agreed with the sports director Zlínský Zdeněk Gryger's friendship on a website; club.

Jiráček was also happy. "I look forward to the next two years, and I believe we can play a promising season, and we may start another bigger one," he said. "I believe it's a great start here in Zlín," he said.

The first player Pilsen, Sparta and Jablonec came to Zlín in 2017, in the league he played 182 matches and sent 13 visitors. In the national team he took 28 competitions and moved three times. In addition to the Czech league, he has also been involved in Hamburg and Wolfsburg.

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