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ZVOLNN: Honor for Olomouc. How a small club knocked off the semifinals

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Twenty five years from one title in Olomouc, they have said something very good. The classic cinderella of Cinderella, as you find out, that pensions in sport are not coming to a conclusion. End snn. In the coliforms of 7 inches lost 2: 3 Saturdays in Pilsen, the whole line was 3: 4 and they have a season.

It was fair and was missing. The plze was very pleased but the gamekeeper Jan Luk objected. But the season was good.

Good? Krsn! He writes to nzkonkladových clubs with some uncertainty in the competition. His empty bill is in his memory and holy. Hradeck says that it is possible to get nostalgic on NHL. Radek Smolek has said he will be able to play at least five times. Jan Haek, Bval hr kohout, wrote a petition to protect the stadium and hockey in Olomouc. The club, its managing and managing director, is the world's double double Jan Tomajko, who is responsible for millions of revenge. Pesto ended in the center and plagued Pilsen with the stars of Gula and Kov back from the process.

Kou Hank Zdenk Motk has called the public for a call: Honor to Olomouc's dark service!

An expert With her and I knew the trainer Marek Skora: At that age of Olomouc, they have a game that they don't even have to have that time. Excellent teamwork is excellent.

Yes, the strongest weapon in a party is darkness, but you could give you the game that you are not outside. Manaft, his great Erik Frst, is augmented, the season has been rising: new center Knotek has become a dark, defensive of Galvas and Jeret. The Konrd was sure of Luke and his notorious Irglorn cannons, his professional skills and hockey are losing weight. Plze didn't put his pocket back on it. Tikrt, from Olomouc, was forced to fight outside five years ago through Olomouc.

This is not clear 1: 4. The choice would have to go to Cinderella hitting the door from the nose in front of the nose. Compared to the lottery it was a big difference. Olomouc's rubbish can be seen to be a good job. Progressive system. We knew they wouldn't do so much glvat, but they could kill us. Navc dob pechzeli for toku, chvilil soka plzesk kapitn Milan Gula.

Skromn Motk, trenr the season?

After the end of the season, when Trener Venera came to an end in the years, he put up a cloud. Podailo s, and she herself dreamed of going a few more extra.

If we got better … But we did our best. This year it will be a little further back, Motk said.

Even on holidays, it is more likely to be under threat when the key is arrested. Gula's knee and the trainee returned the lead with Pilsen 3: 0 after one minute. Brushes … Olomouc mistakes were made with seven-time experience, it turned into the first time ever, and Plzet was also so big. The Hancs were worried and only bought mistakes.

I don't know if we were surprised it was 3: 3 and meme usp, pemtal Luk, that replaced the sad fellow Konrda. About Forester Forvard Slovakia Frantiek Skladan captured word word: Hrt hockey! Let's Go!

Adding to Motivan's lecture with ceòl mòr, and Olomouc started to rise. Especially in the third sister was again fast, expensive, obav and bda. When Jan vrek missed out the protection of blue-protected pages, ten meters from the Pilsen game were missed, and the score to avoid using lasa zasekeneho glman Frodla.

I am sorry we cannot beat him, but I must praise what we all have. We didn't stop and we fought last minute, Luk said. A boulder from Gulae fell. Velk leva. I can't remember that big seed. Hat in front of them. What did they bring to the town, they might have a stick. It had to be cleaned up, changing it.

Damn tk, picvne plzesk kou Ladislav ihk. Olomouc was clear in some respects. Attacking people. When you talk to colleagues at the gate, nobody wanted to run into it. No one can be too low. She stood for quality and left bands far behind.

their commitment, drama and fairness were outstanding. Congratulations to Pilsen on her good time that she deserved it. Thank you for the game, which it respected, Motk enjoyed it. Thank you very much, they deserve such a lot, from which they can do long.

Respect for Olomouc's service, first visit Olomouc. Let me add: Respect Zdeněk Motek work. For me I wasn't very precious for the train of the season. I wrote Robert Zruba on Twitter.

Your cousins ​​will be at the next steps to get rid of prognzch as aspirants to fight for defense. We'll be honest in even five seasons, Motk says.

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