D-Day 18 February, foreign farmers will receive 4 billion baht. Although the product value is 50 baht per tonne. Hit late.


Mr Veerasak Kwanmuang, Head of Office of Identity and Suicide Office (FTI), from findings made to & # 39; Cabinet (Cabinet) on 8 October 2018, it was agreed to use the sugar asset tool as a system income. Check the sugar price during the 2018/62 production season at 700 baht per tonne level to help the sugarkeepers. Finally, the Fund is preparing to use the money from the administration to pay more payment to the first-time sugarkeepers, after a period of Baht 53 per tonne, starting from 18 February on. It is anticipated that this will be a credit line of around 3,500-4,000 million. Baht, then they will pay the amount left in the closing time

"The final cannon is about 65 million tonnes. Anyone is ready to take action immediately By moving money directly to their sugar plant account, this money will help improve clarity Also, and then when the dog is closed, the second payment will be paid. It is expected that there will be 7,000. Million baht, "said Mr Weerasak.

Mr Weerasak said The Fund is considering whether a credit line will be issued; left to encourage the purchase of sugar makers to prepare quiet sugar farmers in the production season in 2019/63 as long as they are going to do so; Waiting for the process wanting to expand its & # 39; a credit extension project to increase the efficiency of sugar productivity efficiency. In total (Level 2) with the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperation (BAAC) which sets the annual average of 2,000 million baht for 3 years, including 6,000 million baht (fiscal year 2019-2021)

Mr Weerasak said at this time, quiet sugar farmers have a severe illness. If the smoother cut of sugar can replace a new sugar crane instead of burning sugar before cutting it, which is a problem in pollution Currently, around the system can charge around 1,000 tax cutters ban on a sugar cane, which accounts for 30% of the sugar consumption per annum. The rest is almost 70% still focusing on & # 39; using migrant workers in the past. The Business Ministry establishes the rules for encouraging new sugarcurs by contributing more money to farmers who, sells sugar cubes, but a new sugar crane cut will depend on car cutting.

Stocks from calm sugar sugabers In addition to financial support from the Joint Resolution Fund also stated that the average budget of 6,500 million baht will be used to support the factor of more than 50 baht per ton, a & # 39; help not more than 5,000 tons, or not more than 2.5 hundred baht miles according to each of the most recent, told by the teacher. Do you want to report on? It is anticipated that it should be delivered at the end of February when the two parts of the money will bring together more than 100 baht per ton for quiet sugar farmers.


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