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In a statement published on Tuesday morning, director DA Mmusi Maimane said that his party had confirmed that a legal company with links to the Guptas had been in a position; administering the "slush property" of the arrival of R500,000 Presidential campaign team Cyril Ramaphosa last year.

Maimane was the one who originally looked at the type of R500,000 Bosasa originally with a question to Ramaphosa in the parliament this month.

He said Tuesday: "The property that was used to raise money for the Cyril Ramaphosa election campaign was the ANC president – who included the R500,000 & # 39; from Bosasa – managed by a law firm that appears to have the director's relationship with the Guptas and the state acceptance project. "

He said that there was a trusted account called "efg2" – which he says was administered by the law firm Edelstein, Farber and Grobler – the account in which the R500,000 Bosasa grant was granted through, "as was sent with the president of the letter to the parliamentary spokesman. This has continued to turn to my question in the parliament This R500,000 payment – which Ramaphosa first said to pay to the son of Andile for his consultative work for Bosasa. "

Maimane commented on the final weekend that Ramaphosa had corrected to his earliest parliamentary response – saying he learned that the money was made on behalf of the Head of the Head of Bosasa Gavin Watson into his trust account used to fund his election campaign.

Ramaphosa said he did not know the contribution when he answered Maimane's question.

Recently African African has attempted a distance from the gift, saying it was a personalized person from Watson.

Maimane says that the picture is deeper than this.

"We can today confirm [their hyperlink]"He said," Mr Jeffrey Afriat, a director of the EFG – a legal group that managed his & her; This trust account – as one of three directors of Trillian Capital, the main carriage used by the Guptas to capture the state and billions of public funds.

"Afriat Afriat who was a leader in 2016 with Mr Eric Wood – at a stop level and a ban on public money with the Guptas and the ANC. Afriat is also named twice with a name in the State of Capture report Thuli Madonsela. He retired Afriat as a leader of Trillian shortly before launching the Budlender to Trillian research. "

Maimane said that Ramaphosa would now have left with very little choice but calling on his call and appointing an independent independent investigation on Bosasa's scandal – which he said that a judge should take up his position chosen by the main justice according to a representative set by the state arrest commission – "to fully investigate the Bosasa scandal, which now includes the president and family ".

"I today formally write to President Ramaphosa, asking for this research to be established immediately.

"We can not have double levels when it comes to bribery and corruption – especially not when the highest office in the country is. It needs to be thoroughly scrutinized by his / her headquarters with Bosasa – including all payments made to him, to the ANC and his son, whether directly or through shell companies, third parties or accounts of trust. "

He added to the recent news that Bosasa's business was with the South Africa Airport Company irregular as the Inspector was an example "how this difficult company works".

"This is a company that is set out in allegations of corruption and corruption, paid for security reforms for ANC politicians; birthdogs for Jacob Zuma; and scanning over R10 billion in government offers and contracts. "

He said that "corruption system" had been part of the "true ANC format – regardless of who is the organization's guide".

"The entire ANC is a corrosive, not just Jacob Zuma, the Guptas and his companions. It works as a corrosion system that catches poor and unemployed – to the benefit of attached to the policy. "

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