Da Dad's age of 22-year-old offer module does not know how to declare a divorce! – Zhongshi Newsletter


Singer is a Japanese creative singer who likes 2010 and "Sung Guns" married SU (Otsuka's single person), and the woman's back caught her, April last year, to be scrapped for her & # 39; Jiang Xia's poems, and even a group completely closed. The man and his wife have been married for a year and a half, and Da Yu wants to issue a divorce divide on the 21st, announcing the end of the marriage of eight years.

Daxie wants to post a letter through the blog, saying that he has submitted a marriage claim in the 20th century. "From a happy, everyday day, although it can not be included in one sentence, to protect the life of the child, such a decision has to be made." He showed that for children, relatives and friends, he will continue to make music in the future.

Daxie Ai and SU had many problems in marriage after marriage. Initially, the division was separated due to the problem of a mother-in-law. After that, they broke up because of their personality. However, last year, IT was out of its 22-year-old housing model, Jiang Xia Shi. The rare game is going to counter a crisis. After half a half years ago, it is recognized that the orchestra is a stop working. Now they are still on the way to divorced marriage.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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