Da Nang is doing a & # 39; process to delete party member names to President of Tourism Association


Da Nang is doing a & # 39; process for the deletion of the members' name for President of Tourism Tourism Association - Picture 1.

Mr Huynh Tan Vinh – Chairman of the Da Nang Tourism Association

November 21, PV exchange RighteousnessHuynh Tan Vinh, Chairman of the Danang Tourism Association, said he had just heard about the news and did not get any information from the authorities. However, Vinh said he had not gone to the party since 2014, so he was not surprised.

Earlier, on the same day, a source said that the Hai Chau Party Group Group Group was able to do so; process for the removal of members' names to Huynh Tan Vinh – Chairman of the City Tourism Association. The reason is there from the transfer of party members from the Cathar Da Nang Party Committee Committee Committee to the Hai Chau Area Party Committee in 2014, which Vinh did not send to; code to the Hai Chau Party Committee and not participate in party activities.

According to the chart, members do not; party participating in party or party activities; pay a party tax of 3 months or more a year, review the authorized committee and request to remove its name from a member's list.


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