Da Nang tunnel high speed


According to the PV report on November 21 in the Da Nang – Quang Ngai tunnel, a 4-way town, Tam My Tay, the Nui Thanh area, Quang Nam, has 4 occupations in this tunnel At the top of the tunnel there are sides of the tunnel -lot media with a width of about 20x30cm. Movement failure (white failure) is fairly complex, below, some cases due to wet so the failure is discharged.

Tunnel - Quang Ngai using high tunnel tunnel ... duct failure? - Picture 1.

Da Nang – Quang Ngai runs through the stone 4 (Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam division)

A person who lived nearby said that every time the underwater is underwater, the water is caught by the water. If there is water, the water will flow into the ground and cause flooding.

According to the people, a few months ago, a group of staff impedimented water defenses, then they put several sets of movement failure to the top of the tunnel.

One officer of Tam My Tay commune said that the underground tunnel was to clear water and so the unit has built on repairs. This tunnel also features a slit.

Tunnel - Quang Ngai using high tunnel tunnel ... duct failure? - Picture 2.

Tunnel - Quang Ngai using high tunnel tunnel ... duct failure? - Picture 3.

Curtains are locked to different places in the underground tunnel

Talk to PV RighteousnessTruong Van Trung, Former Chairman of the Nui Thanh District, said that this tunnel, which was contracted by Shandong Bridge Construction (China) Co., Ltd. is not owned by the A2 package. Mr Trung also reported that he had heard the eel in this tunnel under this ground but the test site should not say anything.

On the same day, Mr Nguyen Tien Thanh – Director of the Da Nang roadway project said – Quang Ngai said the unit would use a high power mortar pump unit into the water break. In order to resolve and identify this situation, staff will have a failure to do so and then they will be able to access them. losing away, without failing to discharge. This case is also reported to the Corporation for investment in the & # 39; Develop pathways to handle them.

According to Thanh, until today's morning, the tunnel failure to move under this ground (Km86,838 under DH5) was removed to avoid misunderstandings.


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