Dacia Duster Pick-up: to create the hardest change


Dacia co-operates with body builders to make the verification

It will arrive sometime by the end of 2019

The activity of the Renault group has confirmed that the Duster will have a new option by the end of the year to reach business transactions. It is a new build version of the new model, and they have worked with a building group.

The section of building magazines in conversation, there is more to see that some of the most well-known features have recently launched some of these features. Mercedes-Benz sold last year Class X and Fiat did the same thing in 2016 with the Appendix. Certain of these is a sale in our country, where they went little over 3,000 units to 10,600 in the last five years. Dacia has thought it can benefit from this fashion and take its own market with the features that it has. define brand, access for all sack and trust.

For this reason, Dacia has been in collaboration with the building group Romturingia, who is already familiar with the case, since it has set a limited sequence of text; sale 500 units from the old Duster on reconstruction in the construction in the & # 39; year 2014. Last year's last year, the Roman maker made updated version of this one at the base of the new generation of the Duster in the Commercial Vehicle Hall in Hannover, which was a protocol for the development of its modeling to the end of the year. This is a simple goat with two sets, with a line very similar to the model series in the other sides. It seems that the company does not have too much changes in this regard, but everything will be seen after its & # 39; approval process.

It should be noted that the model already has a character with those features, the Renault Duster Oroch. It is the construction of a double cable that is made in it Brazil as a whole for a market South America So far, Hakim Boutehra, Renault Renault's Renault's headquarters in Romania, has clarified the 0-100.ro port that the Duster has been able to; come. be more instructed for professional practice than the Oroch version, in style Logging up The logo would have been sold since 2008.

The Dacia Duster Pick-up will reach European market by the end of the year and it is expected that it will be available. Take advantage of the initiatives that are already available from the brand, as the new one Gasoline Tce Gasoline 1.3 liter lately Although not confirmed either, you should be able to be an option four-wheel bridge similar to the Oroch Duster. Finally, you can not expect large choices equipment or high quality materials inside, everything to keep the price as content as possible.

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