Dad, dad! Javier Hernández did not continue to describe Colombia's National Team Team for the Goal Caracol |


Visitor singer Javier Fernández is: Photo: @Cantantedelgol

Through his social networking, Javier Hernández confirmed that he would not disperse the games of the Colombian National Team for Gol Caracol. The reporter, known for his phrases as "quiet!" And "dad dad!" Thanks to the media for everything he gave him.

In his Twitter account, Hernandez said: "Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all for accepting that you've ever given me, thank Giving Snail because there were excellent professionals around me. The times of God are perfect. Surely new things come, but they will always be with you. "

His full farewell is given months before the next American Cup comes to play the national team of Brazil, and also before the friends of the United States. organize the election for the coming months, so we do not know if he has left his or her part, or if he stays to the mainland competition to abandon him Amar Caracol.

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