Dad Monika Šedžiuvienė – The Reason for a Daughter Divorce and relationships with old curse


A. Kvietkus expressed his situation about the girl's marriage not only through the meeting behind closed doors, but also for journalists to meet in court corridors. Although the person first avoided media attention, he decided to speak after time.

“It's difficult. It's not a nice thing to talk to your neighbor. I don't know what to say more, "he spoke of his confusion about his daughter's separation.

For a number of years, a convicted lawyer who was arrested for trial has admitted that he feels directly when he is speaking to his family.

"As far as I know, Monika is definitely not delaying the trial and he has given her every time to live as a place of rest for the child. We don't have any delay on the side of Monika, there's really wants to stand out as fast as possible and be left alone, tired of all these processes, and it's a unpleasant thing. in a separation, ”said the father of the singer.

Monika's father also said he was always embracing the difference between his daughter and her age.

He was now pensioned by an old police officer and gave the majority of his family to his grandson.

“I decided to leave the service and I prefer to look after my only grandson. Well done, it is very good, ”the interpreter said.

During the discussion, M. Šedžiuvienė's father assumed he was a hero of the film "Kindergarten policeman".

When asked how his grandson looks at his father and whether Sedius is supporting him in time, Arūnas assured him that he can't say much about this subject because he was not he knows.

“I didn't listen to Monika. As far as I know, he pays about 200 euro, but I can't say that. It's funny money, ”the mediator was not hiding.

Arūnas was not hiding that he and his wife are helping his sons with his wife.

“We help our mother when it's needed – and financially,” he said.

Kvietkus, 51, refused the responsibilities about A. Šedžius to give Monika his son to Ireland.

“For me, there are no plans to go abroad. She hopes to have the future in Lithuania, especially in Vilnius, ”said the interpreter.

When asked if he knew the new friend of Monika's friend, David smiled.

"I've seen it," he didn't say.

The former man also heard of the new Eedvilė of A. Šedžius.

"I never saw one live online. In Šiauliai people say they're twins, I don't know it personally. I don't know how much I have read in DELFI," said the man.

Although his daughter's marriage to A. Šedži was unsuccessful, Arūas proved he had never died of an old member of Seimas.

"Of course we were never friends, but we aren't afraid. He is the father of his father and we have no anger at all. he really did anything about it, ”he said.

The man also refused to give any speech on Monika's desire to go back to Andrew and write messages about it.

“He has been withdrawn from his condition. She doesn't return, ”said the singer's father.

Andy's veil could end a year, depending on Arūnas.

'I don't know if Andrew's guilt is come out of any place. Monika is an actor and has taken part in television projects, ”he said.

When asked if Andrius could awaken the situation when Monika was on stage with other men, Arūnas did not hide: "I think like that".

One of the worst times is when she came to pick up her daughters from Andrew's house. True on the day, the man does not like to talk.

DELFI remembers that the hearing in Vilnius District Court began on Tuesday at 9am, Kundkus was invited to give evidence for just 11am. 30 minutes.

The meeting ended at 12 noon. Immediately after that, Šedžiuvienė did not rush out of the door and gave no further comment to the media. The woman Šedžius was a bit more lively after the meeting. The value of the entrepreneur on the situation of the witness was left behind closed doors.

“I refuse to comment on any statements people have an interest in supporting the other party as witnesses. He is her father, so he speaks in court because Monika is more comfortable. I'm not angry with it, but what he talks about, I don't promise to give an idea, because he is interested, 'Sedius said immediately after the meeting.

“And for the child's repetition, I can pay my contribution to the court for it,” he said.

The formal divorce / dissolution must await

Note that the court is hearing after a petition is separated from Ms Šedžiuvienė, which she says her husband has failed.

On Tuesday, Monika and Andrius did not speak, and it was possible to feel that the two things were a little slow. Also, although the couple were looking forward, avoiding communication until the meeting started, without correspondence.

“There was no sitting in my side. To draw this work, apparently useful for Monika, ”- said Šedžius before the meeting.

When asked when a case could be made in case of a prolonged divorce, an old member of Seimas said he didn't expect a quick finish.

Matysim. This is not the first meeting and is not the last time – there will be many more. This is a long process. Not all of this will happen quickly. He has been going on for more than two years, ”he said.

Andrius hoped that it would eventually be heard at the hearing.

“I think the case will be finally opened, because by that time a number of claims from a Monika lawyer have always appeared. No requests were ever made on my side. Time is spent on the Monika campaign, ”said DELFI.

So far, Monika and Andrew are only in contact with her son. True, the entrepreneur continues to express the concern that a singer can be leaving to live in Ireland.

"I am so concerned about him, I have already told them before and I still have," he said.

In the meeting room, Mr Šedžiuvienė immediately before he started and refused to give any comment to the media. The woman followed the same situation after her.

DELFI states that the couple, in various ways, have been around for nearly ten years. M. Šedžiuvienė and A. Šedžius 16 years married on 23 February 2013.

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