Dai Nghia was disturbing her & her; public with the phrase "attraction to the listeners" -star


Artist – MC Dai Nghia for the first time that the whole room "field feathers" would be amazing ".

Recently in an event TV show The challengeDai Nghia was pleased to be invited to try feathers. This is because he has been watching ballet dancers; performing equals such as MCs. The ChallengeSouth Westerly

When the artist Minh Arm Minh just rules the basic rules, MC men are ready to spend glasses. The test was not really good but Dai Nghia built on how he found the prompt proposals quickly. According to it, observers need to evaluate the bills for the object:

"Why is this so quiet place, put something on every garden. I noticed long and I was doing its mail below. as the singer. But so there is a place for me for a thousand.

How long will it give you a cost of waulking? - 1

Dai Nghia was struggling to tackle aves. He spoke that he was "an interesting mystery".

However, Dai Nghia continued to make fair feathers. The words of the bills are the "observer" of the MC men who give Thanh Bach a & # 39; laughter. Even so, Dai Nghia also wants to be quiet for his accomplishment.

Nam MC does not share this simple thing: "The heavy tools are more easily balanced than the soft things such as feathers, which are difficult to balance. In addition to Chia's registration, it's like that, so it's difficult judge who the person who is the challenge and who is wrong also.

How long will it give you a cost of waulking? - 2

Thanh Bach can not help to smile when they are going to do it. watch the Dai Nghia show.

Also at the media conference, artist of Minh Minh Hung and pupils have done a number of things such as dancing, shade, dance, knife, wine dancing … These are high performance displays that require clarification. Technology, justice to balance the balances together with the help of dance. For the purpose of preserving this type of art, firework needs to be known as this art.

How long will it give you a cost of waulking? - 3

Ly Minh Hung rural artist (long green shirt) and students in the orchestra.

How long will it give you a cost of waulking? - 4

How long will it give you a cost of waulking? - 5

Dai Nghia is the "program maker". "You're good" Thanh Bach accepts the position of permanent players.

How long will it give you a cost of waulking? - 6

Elegant "bung silk" at the event.

The challenge It is a program that plays play and a talent for creating interaction between the player and the audience, The It is open to & # 39; Enabling ordinary people to get over their own time to try ever before, such as: fire, plastic, artistic art, circus, magic … Look at the wave at 21m THVL1 from 2 December.

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Few people know Dai Nghia knows 4 years in the excursion. He is a multi-talented artist.

According to Hoang Linh (Find)

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