"Daily" is not good for the season. Yangshuo Steel is still hosting 300 million salaries next year – Zhongshi News


Yomiuritsu Yangshuo Steel came to Tokyo for its first season this year. Although he did not establish in the # 39; First round, the boy published today (22nd) that Yangshuo Steel will maintain an annual salary of 300 million yen the following year.

Yangshuo Steel succeeded in a five-year contract with the Giants at the beginning of this year. In these 87 games, 253 62 goals met with 10 home runs and 37 visits. He hit 72 times and won 19 times. This season, the 25% strike level, b & # 39; It is 4% time, and the basic level is high 2%.

Yangshuo Steel's injuries on the Giants has been damaged by the injuries, but football still states that it will maintain the annual salary of Yangji Steel of 300 million yen the following year.

Yangshuo Steel said: "I hope I will strengthen my body. My goal is to play in the whole area. I hope I can return to I was shot with a healthy body next year and accomplish my goals. I'm looking forward to training in spring next year. "

(Times Times Newsletter)

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