Daily One – Johnson & Johnson will sink: there was a carcinogenic material at the talc and his & company


The sections of Johnson & Johnson, the giant of hygiene and pharmacy products, have dropped Friday 10% on Wall Street. The big decline occurred after Reuters reported that the company had known 40 years ago that its talcum powder was contaminated by asbestos, despite the company again. The one who was a hen of the golden eggs, which has brought thousands of requests to her as a result of cancer cancer, return to the company, this trip to & # 39; giving forty miles of market marketing.

The organization's information, based on secret documents and reports from the company, said that it was aware that small amounts of asbestos (carcinogenic materials) were material from 1971.

There have been a number of general exams with multi-nationals who say they have been suffering from carcinogenic bone. He also gathers around 10,000 legal lawsuits that are expected especially in relation to John Johnson's baby powder. In the middle of legal battle and the publication of a Reuters report, The company has held the lowest stock market decline in the stock market in the last 16 years.

Reuters also said that the commission and its company paid for the checks carried out in the & # 39; their Baby powder license. "Johnson & Johnson has any suggestion or did not know about deceitful talcum powder safety," replied his company.

In a few months ago, the highest United States healthcare authority (FDA, in the English section) studied with samples of the product where there was no asbestos found. However, he did not stop a jury in Saint Louis, Missouri, from ordering his company in July to pay 4.96 billion dollars to 22 women and their families, who had been responsible for to be ill after going to & # 39; use of children's produce. The appellant company was ruled.

Last year, the Los Angeles court sentenced to a multi-agency agency to pay 417 million dollars to a woman who developed ovarian cancer after going to # 39; using talcum powder for years. The conviction was argued that Johnson & Johnson did not give enough warning of cancer risk related to a & # 39; use of materials. That management was successfully illuminated by the company. "Science was set up," said Bart Williams, lawyer for the medicine giant. Air Wall Street owners suspected here Friday.

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