Daily One – NASA Countdown for Insight on Mars


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), completing the information until the InSight, spacecraft left Earth over six months ago, Come on Mars and try to check it for the first time next Monday, November 26 inside the Red Planet.

"NASA's Seismic, Geodesy and Heat Movement (InSight) Research boat is on its way to land on a flat surface on the Red Planet on November 26th, Monday after the Election of Thanksgiving," said e. organism

He continued: "But it's not a soccer weekend, with football, football and other shops for the InSight mission team." Engineers will take into account the flow of the data that a & # 39; marks the health and InSight course, and monitors Martian weather statements to verify whether the team needs to make some final change as a preparation for landing. "

According to the prehistoric, the boat will be placed on Mars surface in a place called Elysium Planitia at 2:54 p.m. EST (16.54 Argentineil time), and six minutes later, the "beep" on Earth will show that "InSight is alive and working on the surface".

InSight, the first aim to study within deep Mars, started from the Vandenberg Airport Center in central California on May 5, 2018.

"It's hard to get to Mars, it has a skill, focus and a year of preparation," said Thomas Zurbuchen, administrator associated with the NASC's NASC headquarters in Science Mission Bureau.

He said "playing our ambitious ambition is to get people up and down to Mars and then to Mars, I know the team will science and wonderful engineering to do everything they can to keep the land successfully on the Red Planet. "

However, Rob Grover, an InSight induction and tour operator (EDL) said, "we can not use the state to go ashore, so we need to be responsible for the orders we to make a pre-program on the ship. "

In addition to InSight, a technology show called Mars Cube One (MarCO) is a plane to Mars, which confirms a new type of data distribution from another planet for its " The first time, although InSight's success does not depend on MarCO.

The InSight team said he hopes "to explore inside deep Mars, we can learn how to create another rocky world, which includes Earth and its. Moon ".

"Our planet and our home have been damaged by Mars from the basics of more than 4,500 million years ago, but then they became very different, why not share the same journey?" NASA is asking in a statement.

A group said only about 40 per cent of the campaigns that Mars's body had any chance to succeed. The United States is the only country that sent the missions to land "and said that this country from 1965" has flown, removed, landed and traveled on the surface of its & # 39; Red Planet ".

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