Daily One – The new Hellboy "will be more violent and bloodier"


Hellboy, a cinematographic revival of a famous character created by Mike Mignola, came to theater in Argentina on May 16, 2019. Although there are still a few months left for their vision, we have enjoyed out, to & # 39; Thanks to the Empire, the new images of David Harbour (Strange Things) were tied in the skin of red demons.

Since we finally saw it in 2008 in the Hellboy II portion. The Gold Army, led by Guillermo Del Toro, has been running a decade. Neil Marshall (Centurion, Game of thrones) is the movie maker that is over the saga to return to the big screen and makes a very different look for this character than we had to use it.

During an interview with Empire, the director revealed the type of approach he wanted to bring the film and more focus on the original Mignola piece. "It was always a case," When there is a doubt, come back to the source of the materials. "Some of the things are very ill, it's more violent and bloodier, we did not do that with the chips."

This revival of Hellboy is more likely to be inspired by the supernatural horrors and the wonderful elements of the character than the previous deliveries. We need to wait for their first look to find out what & # 39; restore & # 39; a & # 39; surprise us.

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