Dakar is waiting for the tenth Dakar to the jubilee: I'll making it at 110 percent – the glass is waiting for the tenth Dakar to; jubilee: I'm going to do it for 110 per cent


Štefan Svitko

Stefan Svitko with a new bicycle-motor.

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Štefan Svitka, the top Slocan motorcycle, is waiting for a tenth look in January at the prestigious Rally Dakar Race.

There are twenty SR SR men in enduro and rural crosse wanting improvement
A taste for the upcoming editing when there is a constant event for falling and injuring
E finished.

"The most important thing is to hurt myself. It was not even raffles or during
Dakar is the Dakar. I'm going to do that at 110 percent and see what happens.
I would like to get to the podium, but he also wants twenty others.
It is also good. But I do everything to succeed. here
year I was not injured, and I can train honestly. but only
I went to athletics, behaviors or biked too. From its motorcycle as well as that
I feel good about myself, "said Svitko to a quarter.

At the beginning of the 41st edition of the traditional races, he will add the number 11 at
The latest KTM 450 Rally Replica engine with factory support from the manufacturer
directly to Dakar. A 30 year old rider may be responsible for Peru
crew. With the help of Zlatko Novosad, Martin Kubačka, Dominik
Zazo and Dominik Goulash.

"The bike is very interesting. It's new, clearer – completely different than the time it disappeared
year. I look forward to the race, & # 39; perhaps more than the last few years, as there is
we have a competitive bike and we can fight for the tallest tallest
walls. Indeed, some of the shortcomings have come, some are removed,
we still have to replace the back tank. It's my best ever used tool
still available, "he said.

The best place to date in Dakar has been achieved with native from Žašek per year
2016 when he finished the last two bar. For example,
nine, thirteen or two-fifths. The 2019 Dakar Roll will be held
from 6 to 17 January 2019 in Peru. It will be the first time in history
just in one country. Starting and ending in Lima, the capital here
in South America.

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