Dalai Lama: Acknowledging that the CCP is not correct, the number of Chinese Firefox has a & # 39; Increase – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station


Dalai Lama: Acknowledging that the CCP is not correct, the number of Chinese Firefox has a & # 39; Increase – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-20 22:58
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  • Writer: Huang Qilin

The leader of Tibet's spirit, Dalai Lama, visited Sweden. (AP / Dazhi Image)

The Tibet and 14th Dalai Lama spiritual leader was invited to give a speech in the Japanese Parliament Building today (20th). He said that the Chinese government has also begun to understand that the policy is to be in a position; opposing Tibetans without need. The number of Chinese stock that is familiar with the wrong idea is & # 39; CCP has risen.

Japan Sankei Shimbun said that the 83-year-old Dalai Lama was invited by the Japanese Inter-Parliamentary Group in the House of Representatives of the Japanese Inter-Party BP (the president of the Minister for Science and Technology formerly, Shimomura) at the House of Representatives House. Hold a talk.

In terms of China's policy of draining Tibet, the Dalai Lama said that it does not really need some people within the Chinese government to find out that it is not completely necessary. The Chinese government needs to take a practical approach.

He stressed: "The Chinese Communist Party has been using all sorts of ways to kill, kill, kill Tibetan brain and brain, trying to use money to eliminate the spirit of Tibetans. But Tibetans' spirit is getting stronger and stronger. "

The Dalai Lama said that Tibetan could stay in China for economic benefits, and Han's people can also gain spiritual benefits through Tibetan Buddhism.

He said Tibet's language and culture is different from people in China. Chinese hardens believe Tibet is a " trying to be independent, so Tibet has sink. What he wants to emphasize is that the Tibetan path is not going to continue independence, but to do it; provides high level central devolution road.

He added, along with some of the reports from China, that China's road road has been agreed with some of the spirits, and the Chinese people who know that a Chinese Communist Party does not go increase.

The Dalai Lama also spoke of an environmental protection case on the ground. He said that Tibet Plateau has had a significant impact on environmental changes, and it is hoped that countries including China will have a positive impact. come together to explore the environment. He said comiciously, "When you need to take a bottle of oxygen," he made the audience smile.

He said that his life's logo should be kind to humans, and friends will grow naturally. He also said he had seen eight hundred people's words in Japan, he wanted to go to the back.

In response to the speech of Dalai Lama in Tokyo, a Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman Yan Shuang called a regular news conference today that he should not support the anti-Chinese Dalai Lama actions.

In 1951, the Liberal Army of Chinese People went into Tibet. In 1959, the Liberation Army of the People and Tibetan attacked Tibet. The Tibetan outbreak, the Dalai Lama began to India in the same year. In 1974, the Dalai Lama made a request to the Chinese government. Tibet will not become independent, but has a high level of devolution, but the Chinese government still has its feeling.

This is the fourth time the Dalai Lama gave a talk in the Japanese Parliament Building. B & # 39; It was the last time of November 2016.

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