Dalat status travel does not have to be changed for the end of the year


So, in December, home, people will return to Da Lat. In fact, getting out and eating well and doing it; nice wear, that's the prize for yourself after a hard year!

With regard to the beautiful dress, this may always be a problem for girls, because she was out on the road to be beautiful, no matter how long you can go -mach, what kind you do not do The picture triggers a "real life".

Then what and how do you continue "poetry" as Da Lat here? (Picture: Kim Duyen)

Do not worry, the autumn is covered, her winter is coming, so the distribution to Dalat is not as difficult as the big fashion companies bring up a new harvest harvest. Yes. Just select and mix!

1. White overall vegetation

As the lost princesses, you will know a set of food items set between the beautiful green space in the country of this stage. The best shape in white dress is clean than the bright white shovel!

At that time, you will appear in the deep blue sky of his brother, Da Lat, who looks like the pollution, creating a perfect picture of life.

A little flexible, slightly flexible, she is a girl full of "poetry" in the white dress that runs between mountains.

Not only does it have an unnecessary dress, it will be a? mix and make a little between the different materials but the same brightness will also be suited to a & # 39; Think of a "white tree full" to Dalat.

2. Bohemian style

It is a word that came from a Frenchman in Bohemian: bohémien, idiom a & # 39; mentions fragile people living in Europe. The Bohemian style is inspired by prestigious wearing, polished dress, red hair and wreath. It is said that free agents are required to break rules and common boundaries in the community.

Bohemian style, also known as boho style, is a great choice for staying in Da Lat and put yourself in a voluntary format, free of charge.

Boho style clothes are broadly spacious, comfortable, in summer, cool in the middle of the sun, warm.


Most clothes in this style are usually their feelings, but they are not hard, so they're very comfortable.

3. Red – yellow – black

Why is red – yellow – black but not color different? If the white white code helps you to & # 39; Writing a poem of fashion between the green air Da Lat green, the red – yellow – black will draw the worst flowers here.

Put yourself the center of the blue place, you will be the bright red roses in the red, the open space in gold and become a black swan in secret black.


Look! Redness stands out of the air, when the color of the green is start to turn.

When you are choosing a golden suit, make sure that you have a & # 39; choose a beautiful gold tone. If you do not change your settings, we'll accept that you are happy to find all cookies on the BBC website. You can change your settings at any time.

Look, in the middle of the romantic sky, a black tree came here, you will become fascinating and secret.

4. High style – accent

Do not worry about the bohemian style! These two concepts are very different.

Cowboy, this style is inspired by a western American country with the girls or boys full of personal, voluntary and strong. These style features include long-haired wings, long-dressed, carotene or warm-warmed baths, especially color; hair. Details and leather material are on coat-style clothing and appliances.

Jeans and high shoes also get stylish material with a good style of reproduction.

A fashionable world of everyday life, so if you want to become high-quality girls is constantly updating on, this move every year!

Clearly tight material is clearly a good choice for cold climate such as Da Lat.

5. Old style

Old style style is often used to go to # 39; Describes dresses and styles that are compiled from the 1950s to the 1960s. These brass materials are the "reconstruction" of the available designs.

So how can they co-ordinate the old clothes in the most personal way to match the place and weather in Dalat?


In fact, choose the long and thickness, Because of this, it's not "frozen" because of the cold when the night in Da Lat falls.


When it comes to an old man, what do you think about it? first going out? Are these small flower images? Ok! The flower market on Da Lat is the same mix.

6. Increase the normal "style of juice" style juice

Often you are happy that you are happy when you spend old, you will be back to "Vietnam subsidy". So, if you do not like the style of nostalgia, try to mix and match newer things!

No gannet has ever been forgotten when we come to Da Lat right?

There are also many kinds of broadcasters and there are also many styles, so we can destroy the buffet experience with unwanted styles.

Is it decorated on such a very woolen cloth like this interesting?

Do not learn how to make a mix of Korean girls with short skirt casts! Remember to wear high shoes or high shoes so that the winter style is not "home away". With short skirts, the girls should have a long coat or hatchery to make warmth!

If you are frightened by cold, mixed with jeans, it is also very distressed.

7. Good black-haired + long-sleeve

Why is it essential that it is a thick tire shirt and a long legs? Due to this new "harvest autumn" stage. This is also the way to go to Dalat very warm and young, modern if you do not enjoy it & # 39; nostalgia in the old style or the possession of mineralographers to a degree of "interventions" in the set. boho

The sport shoes are the magnificent combinations for this set.


Witches, gates or soft appliances also provide you with good personalization in & # 39; this mix.

8. Jacket and Blazer

To go long, it should not be & # 39; forget a jacket but what cost a nice coat to a universal Da Lat? Choose a jacket and a blazer. These two are the option that can not be done to you in any of the dresses listed above.

The jeans jacket makes it easy to nest between the jacket and the uniform inside

Put on a personalized jacket, call on powerful sneakers, create a "power" view.

Blazer color is more suited to mix.

9. Do not dispose of tools

One of the shortcomings of the uniform we are not normally focusing on getting married on pants, clothes with shoes or shoes; Forget tools, especially with "angry" girls. There is a small tool, but the effect is good. The full range of displays will clearly show the style you aim to do in & # 39; choose your legacy.

If you choose a bohemian style, choose metal or knitting tools like this to increase your wildlife!

If you're wearing old dress, do not put rid of these beautiful chains.

If you want to be a strong girl in the American West, you will definitely not forget the top ad at home.

It's not a pot of what's going on. fashionista do you know? Especially when you come to Da Lat, the ad will trigger a & # 39; the effect of keeping your head warm.

Alternatively, you can choose a "sadness" look, which suits nations for dreams.

Now, you have a hand-held co-ordinator who plays the Dalat status you do not have to change for the end of the year's offline line!

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