Damarious Randall brings football to Hue Jackson after getting involved as the Browns play. Bengals


After two and a half weeks of Hue Jackson, the Browns have taken the torch to the officers unofficially to the Bengals.

On Sunday morning, Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora said the Bengals discuss the promotion of a special assistant Hue Jacksonhe got burned with the Browns last month, to replace Marvin Lewis as a main coach. The time of the La Canfora report was perfect. Within a few hours later, the Browns and the Bengals were looking together at Cincinnati. Surely enough, the Browns – free from Jackson's rule – went on to 28-7 head of a half-time with Baker Mayfield to continue her, looks like an excellent roomback quarterback in Freddie Kitchens's crime.

In the blowout process, the Browns put the torch to the Bengals with an unofficial service. After taking a quarterback Bengals tournament, Andy Dalton was awarded in the second quarter, Damarious Randall's Brown Brown saw up, they saw Jackson standing there on the side, and brought him to the football. Jackson took the football and stopped banning Randall on his face. head as if he was still a player.

You can not play scripts at a more perfect time than this, one that is so formal to it; preventing the situation:

With the Browns, Jackson 3-36-1. The Bengals seem to go to a 0-2 record by Jackson as a member of their staffThe West The Bengals were going to sink when Jackson reached, so Jackson is not likely to have the reason to leave. But what is particularly damaging to how effective & Mayfield has been from Jackson to Cleveland's attack.

While Jackson had a & # 39; giving six games, Mayfield completed 58.3 per cent of its 245.2 passes, passing gates for each game, threw eight elections and six pastimes, raising 78.9 passengers' levels, and was sent out 20 times. In his first two games with Kitchens – Browns' new attack co-ordinator – Mayfield completed 74.2 per cent of his quarters, which was 256.5 per cent; passing gates every game, threw five touchdowns and one pitch, sent 118.5 permits, and was saved twice. Halfway through the third game (against the Bengals) with new staff, it's 17 of 22 for 245 yards, three touchdowns, no gifts, and a level of 152.5 passengers.

Suddenly, the Browns do not look like the worst team in North AFC.

And when thinking, when they go to them; watch a live show on how well Browns are without, Bengals decision makers have; Thinking about sending the team to Jackson. As La Canfora said:

Lewis and Jackson are pretty close and Jackson has a good idea within a Bengals group from the previous boys. Bengals owner Mike Brown, who is likely to do things in his own way, is especially the best one, especially when it comes to being the best one. recruitment and recruitment, and it would not be surprising if this move was in 2019.


Brown is not always coming to his family from Bengals from coaches and players. and Jackson has trained a variety of seating parties on both sides of the ball and being a career convener for Andy Dalton quarterback. He is already familiar with the old players, and Brown is comfortable with him. He has worked extensively within the North AFC (with shoes in Cleveland and Baltimore in a variety of abilities), and usually Brown is not liable to & # 39 ; A comprehensive and comprehensive search, which already enjoys what he is already familiar.

Again, Jackson is not the reason why the Bengals are bad enough to lose the Browns at 21 points at half-time. He is a special assistant. It is only the amount he can do to help and injure the team.

But the compensation is still a major reason why the Browns are pretty fast enough to go on the road and hit a team with many scores. And he should have enough reason for the Bengals to pass on raising Jackson to the end of a coach.

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