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The weekend is at the end of the show "dancing with the 2018 stars", which won the hearts of Ukrainians registered for November 25th: so there are 4 pairs that will be " competition for impact. Nutritionist Anita Lutsenko, who was released from the show at the sixth broadcast, said he returned to the floor.

This about Lutsenko on his page on Instagram.

She published a picture on which she is shown against the backing of four pairs of participants in the "dancing with the star" project. Completing the signature "Dance together: his friend chooses Anita Lutsenko?"

"Unfortunately, but true. Watch today at 21:00! A dance in the final with one of the couples," he named the coach.

24 Base of Life journalists decide to find out who, in your opinion, will win the Cup's top view.

What's the show about "dancing with the stars"? This project, featuring celebrities with professional dancers who compete for their " win. The dances are judged and the listeners, who vote for her; favorite couple. For the first time, the "Dance with the stars" appeared in Ukraine and on the television of Ukraine in September 2006 on a television channel 1 + 1.

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