Daniel Alves wants to take a case on the Mbappé case


Just back on the football field after six months after its presence, Daniel Alves is again a highly anticipated media user. Exercise that the Brazilian produces enthusiastically, especially as it is not often the case; talk to say anything. Especially when it comes to criminal partners. He is always present for providing valuable advice to the CMN, Alves, this time, aims at the Kylian Mbappé case. Taken from each side, the tricolor wedding party makes a good start on the season (11 goals in 9 games in Ligue 1).

However, although some already saw it as the next Ballon an Or, Daniel Alves said that Bondy was not even the same level as Neymar, for example. "I think there is a different profile at Neymar and Mbappé. Mbappé is one of the historic football players, but I believe that Neymar has already reached this stage There is Mbappé in this process to get in. But I think if Mbappé is tough, he does not miss the opportunity to learn from Neymar. I say that because Neymar has done a lot Learn from Messi. It's a series of learning, a ", he said in the comments given RMC Sport.

Alves for Mbapé helps to become a better one

And if it's inviting Mbappé to be & # 39; inspiring from the elderly, Alves also plans to take part in the progress of France. There was an old companion with Lionel Messi and a friend to Neymar, which aims to get Mbappé pamper. But not just on the ground. As he did the summer summer with Neymar, when he was criticized from both sides (he had advised him to take more enjoyable behavior), Alves is to advise number 7 on a regular basis. from Paris Saint-Germain.

"I'm the kind of person who wants to be there when there is no other person, I'm always there. I just want to be there for people when they are right, I'd like to be It's important for him when he does not do well, I think that's my character and can help me, help make realistic choices and do it better. hard to develop a person as a player, but it's easier to help someone become a better one. ". He says.

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