Daniel Muñoz is the film leader of Alexis Sánchez


The actor gives information about the film, which began filming in November and also Ivan Álvarez de Araya, Manuela Oyarzún and Otilio Castro.

Blue and white, Principles of neighborhood, Football Stories, World Cup of 62. Although you recognize that you do not have to & # 39; Breaking a wall, a number of football issues featuring Daniel Muñoz have played a star for film and television in the last 20 years. A list that will be extended later in 2019 with his next film, again with the national director, Alejandro Fernández Almendras, with whom he has already been filmed Sitting in front of the fire (2011). And although it does not save a suggestion when it's & # 39; talk about the filmmaker's work Nothing has happened here, its main motivation to & # 39; Participating in the new project is the opportunity to & # 39; Share a set with one of the biggest sports heroes in Chile.

"To be honest, he was initially deceived to be the next meeting with Alexis Sánchez," said Muñoz, who will be of great importance in the film that has been promoted – even though it is not based on the life and career of a post- Manchester United, which starts hunting in the middle of last month under the test title Alexis, the film. Proud project overhead of Fábula (A wonderful woman, No), the successful producer of the Pablo brothers and Juan de Dios Larraín, written by Josefina Fernández (Karadima Wood, archives and archives), which aims to link a historic idol biography along with the fictional story of Silein 's boy with sufficient talent to continue his courses on the court. All this, with the "Niño Maravilla" partnership itself in the production and performance of the author and work formula Fernández Almendras, who once again combines actors based by people with no formal knowledge in the field.

"The script was encouraging me, as the story has been told and what will happen in an extremely respected environment. In addition, I enjoy working with children," said Muñoz, who's a plays Héctor, the father of the director of the photocopy, Tito (L, 11 years old). His character is that his father is a child; disturbed her and who gives her a & # 39; sadness that has not been achieved to succeed in football is a talented son.

"It's so fierce that he split, and he's trying to disrupt this child's trouble or hope. There is a strife between the father's son," the actor tells of his position, archetype to a certain extent – and according to representations from the representation – similar to Luis Luis Rey, the father of Luis Miguel in the Netflix Biography series.

This main piece works as the axis of the movie while it's a & # 39; proceeding with the life of Alexis Sánchez himself, his youth in Tocopilla and the subsequent sporting success. "He tells the story of recovering and sending Alexis, who just needs to do it when he met this other child, who likes football but does not want to be a football player. In a special way it is featured, "details of Muñoz, who is currently teaching Mar Scrooge for the Christmas Story collection in Las Condes Municipal Theater.

To a large extent, the film looks forward to the film, interpreting itself and giving advice to his father and son to their own life story, Memories of the novels found by Charles Dickens' novelist. "It's a story with its moral. Realistic contemporary," said the actor. "Alexis is going to be a cook, warning, sight and attention we need to be before the children, when the time goes to the direction and not pressing them . "

The rest of the series of the film is made by other actors by post, some with related tito related to Tito's history and others to "S7". So, for example, Manuela Oyarzún and Ignacia Uribe Adriana incarnate and Gloria, mother and sister of a person, individual. Iván Álvarez Araya (The new place), in size, who will be a trainer at the Catholic University; Otilio Castro to D.T. de Recoleta and Nathalia Aragonese, Tito's tutor, as long as Aldo Parodi will be a friend of the senior family and Eduardo Paxeco as a sports journalist.

On the other hand, Sanchez's full history will be recorded through games games and filmed in the north of the country. There, Alejandro Trejo will play a coach of Tocopilla and Alejandra Yáñez to her mother. poker poker, known as M.B. small. (Age 12), chosen to marry Barcelona director as a child.

Waiting for Alexis

After announcing at the beginning of November, the three children selected in a movie star program – the D.S., 11, were the youngest friend of Sanchez. The production of the production began in Santiago in the middle of its page; That month, in line with the days the stripper spent in Chile to play two friends with the national team.

This was not a co-event: according to Muñoz, the production program was changed to the time of Maravilla Niño and the rare visits to Chile. "So far he has been struggling to co-ordinate everything for a logic case, we are working with someone with an organized life. He was very sad and that's a & "Means changing," said the actor, who was divided by his / her; suspended the set and got a good understanding. "He speaks very loudly and gives his opinion, especially when he comes to himself. The most difficult thing is to do it without being transferred, but In the scenes that I had to share with, I saw it well. In addition, listen carefully and sadly, ask me to get advice, "he is says.

As long as Sanchez's days are in the country, muscle wound treatment that left out of its & # 39; Premier League, not from production saying that this time is not mentioned on the set. The prospect is expected to be by mid-2019.

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