Daniel Yule is again 3rd in Schladming, Hirscher well


Schladming is still a margin of beautiful Marcel Hirscher. The Swiss Daniel Yule (3rd) and Ramon Zenhäusern (4th) use the uncertain environment for the best games. Notice: Zenhäusern ritual before the beginning …

The pedestal

1. Marcel Hirscher (Ö) 1: 44.81
2. Alexis Pinturault (Fri) +1.21
3. Daniel Yule (Sz) +1.60

Other Switzerland

4. Ramon Zen Houses +2.25
18. Loïc Meillard +4.12
19. Tanguy Nef +4.23

Abolished early in the first run

38. Network Schmidiger
DNF Luca Aerni
DNF Marc Rochat

The race

What should Marcel Hirscher should have to do with the World Championships in Yes? Austria's slalom leadership is already headed by just one second second running. And on "his" Planai, the 29-year-old exhibitions of the headteacher. Hirscher's success! Spectators who are nearly 45,000 are willing to suffer and suffer. The light path of Styria into the winter Tollhaus all over the world.

Zenhouses heating for the second run here

The uneven atmosphere also conducts Swiss ski trainers to achieve high performance. Ramon Zenhäusern is almost not gutted as a true man. fight before the second run in the start house. It's a big influence! The Oberwalliser, the fourth after her first visit, has a & # 39; take the lead. He keeps his fourth place.

It's best to look after & # 39; First run for Daniel Yule (2nd). He will not give Alexis Pinturault who is special in the second race. It will be third, as in the previous year!

Henrik Kristoffersen, who won three Schladming winners (2014, 2016, 2017) and the fifth after their first run, second run threads. Now in the first round, Clement Noël and Manuel Feller's customs were eliminated.

The votes (compared to SRF)

Daniel Yule: "I miss him here in this scene. This is one of the biggest races. I'm here at the beginning and I'm not happy but let me down here. "

Ramon Zen Houses: "Fourth, and Yule on podium. It's really awesome!" Preliminary editing: "Did you see this? Shit … It's time to come out. I am have been doing this for about a year. »

Marcel Hirscher: "Another good feeling here in Schladming. Not to compare the home World Cup, but it's certain there's something special here. You can feel the first gate on away: that's okay. »

Tanguy Nef: "I had fun today. I've got to miss it. It was very amazing, with those people and my achievements." In terms of his final World Cup ticket: "I & # 39; I think I'll be there. "

That gave a talk

Is Felix Neureuther's Last Skin Winter? The German people are very interested in all the fans. And when a SRF man Paddy Kälin wants to resign his position, he says: "It will be a decision …"

The conditions

The weather is perfect, it's cold, the snow is in a good condition. The 45,000 stringent fans will shape the light path on the phone. Pray into the night!

So going on

Before the end of the World Cup last week in the coming week, the men will be hosted at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The women are in Maribor.

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