Daniela Aránguiz commented on the allegations against her and "Mago" Valdivia Association


Daniela Aránguiz She talked to the CHV morning to talk about the allegations about invasion and threats against her and her husband, to attack him from a prestigious Las Condes hotel.

The context in which Exkica Mekano explained "this is a stability for Customs officers who can send anyone … we also need to think that it can be created and that cameras in each hotel . I'm going to watch those cameras and I'll spend them to see them. morning as fast as possible"

According to her story, she attended the Valdivia "Magician" to the hotel bar in a company of some friends, where the attendant started her; worried "face face", who was the first to look funny to see her; he was reclaimed.

In that line, Aránguiz continued "when Jorge asks for his account, this girl begins with the same thing and then I became angry." I have to tell how they are. "I said," Are you laughing at me? "Started in a mine & crashed and told me & # 39; What did I come to say that, I'm going to; do that way and they'll get rid of it? & # 39;"He said, saying that her husband ran the girl back and asked her not to be protected, but according to so much, Valdivia did not get to her; step.

He also refused to attack the woman, saying she was in the middle of Jorge and her friend, there was a record between them, how did I go? going to attack someone "He said," they apologized, I have to say that, and this would not happen again. "

Daniela said He casts the hotel and the newspaper that gave the story to the front pages. "I'm going to put in the cameras so that they can understand that anyone can report in Carabineros. I hope and I hope the stones audio and images all there, "he said.

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