Daniela Castro played a bit of emotion when he was talking about her dogs and Pascual Fernández Association


Daniela Castro He stayed at a emotional time when he took part The Divine Food, where he talked with a record by Yann Yvin, Ennio Carota and Carola Correa.

The cook began to shout when Correa gave him the gift, which was a picture that had three pictures of his dogs, and Castro, with his eyes of tears, said: "But why did they put this picture on me? I do not want! They're heavy!".

After this, he explained that he was very aware of these images, because two of his dogs stayed with his companion, Pascual Fernández, after breaking both.

In that line, she said she stayed with Chalota, as long as the others stayed; live with my sweetheart. A Trufa I lifted it up on the channel, and Guero's Pascual's dog, who is also my dog, "he said.

"I was thinking about staying with a truffle, but later I said I can not be self-sufficient, and Guero, who is an old man, will be a & # 39; do a good deal with a truffle. In fact, my life is because I created a family with them and my partner. Then, my life was going up, walking around, talking to them. It's strange to be alone here with Chalota, "he said.

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