Daniela shows the final picture from the clinic


Four months after Jens' death, Büchner Vox has reported on the last days of the cultural immigrants and set out the final photograph. It was taken three days before the man collapsed 49 years ago.

A series of photographs with 13 pictures

Jens Büchner undoubtedly died in November. At the age of 49, the Mallorcan election lost the battle against cancer. To date, Vox has been linked to the cultural emigrant. The station broadcast the last days in the life of the TV star on Monday night. In "Goodbye Germany" magazine the last image of Jens is shown. It was taken three days before he died.

"We just held it apart"

Few people were seen. In hospital, Jens Büchner is visited by his family, close friends and the Vox team. To the end, however, only his wife Daniela was with him. The last days spent the 40-year-old man beside her husband. During this trial, the last photograph of Jens Büchner was created.

Three days after this photograph Jens Büchner is losing the fight against cancer. (Source: TVNOW / Screenshot)Three days after this photograph Jens Büchner is losing the fight against cancer. (Source: TVNOW / Screenshot)

The photo certainly shows that the cultural migration has been identified. It is thin and thin. Jens are in bed, closed his eyes. Daniela lies by his side and disappears. 'That's when I shouted and he said,' Come on, stop it! He took a few days before he fell asleep forever, "Daniela remembers."

"We kept out and we said we love each other, we tried to talk about beautiful things." Then Jens Büchner fell asleep. “I knew it was going to happen, but when it happened, I thought, no, I can't!! I shook it, kiss it, I told him to go up. "But Jens is no longer rising. Their father is eighteen dead."

To Daniela and the kids having a heavy stroke of poems. From now on, they are by themselves. “Now I have my responsibility to take my five heroes, great and small, and I am the most important thing now, now there's nothing left there, nobody there earning more. "Daniela wants to re-open the shared café in mid-April.

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