Danish Petition: A Silent Alliance, Sulik pulled on his Economics Diploma


The challenge is again trying to lose Andreje Danka (SNS) as Chairman of the National Council. Although not the last session for unauthorized & # 39; program, the 37th session is open and Members can debate. Danny's decision will be decided by a secret ballot.

The Head of Parliament is ready for any decision. An attempt was made to apply to the hard work of Dank. The challengers confirm delays and say that there is a " stealing foreign texts than badly in a civilian country.

A. Danko said he wanted to vote for his man's trusted, and he even agreed quiet relationships in his / her; partnership. Most of the Hid spoke a few days ago in terms of its & # 39; case that A. Danko should make a personal decision. She won her criticism from the NHS, which is behind Dankom.

President Béla Bugár said there is a conflict between his party and the CIS, but we can not talk about early elections. On the Smer-SD side, Danka stopped at hard work case. He believes that a joint agent A. Danko is the legitimate chairman of the National Council, made of free democratic elections.

A. Danko returned again last week that he had worked hard with his conscience and his / her. best cook. "According to the relevant laws and technical opportunities at the time," he said.

A. Danko believes that we are still in & # 39; live in the rule of law and that a newspaper article or a Facebook status can not harm, convict and act unreasonably.

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"I have never had the place, and I have never done it is a scientific work," said the parliamentary spokesman about his hard work. He said that the hard authority recognized its work, and the media information was expressed.

"I do not care about God N, I do not have to wait in their menu. I think you're not going to. I think a 26-year-old boy from home, I'm not sorry, the title would not give someone a gift, "said A. Danko in the parliament.

"High-level chill-free laws are at a much higher level and higher. We have the problem that we do not have a clear explanation of literacy in school law. I asked the Minister for Education to establish a commission with the legislators, and to apply law in January or February to stop theft at catechists, "he said.

"I did not win a partnership. I said that I respect your opinion and I will not take this government for you," he said to the opposition he was ready to go back to the departments and his / her; fight for more percentages. "To stop Sulik, Matovic and Kollar from influencing the state," he said.

By voting, A. Danko is ready to make any decision. "I talk to my partnership partners that they have a free hand to make a decision and the same thing applies to my rulers. I'm ready for any decision, "he said.

Nicolson: We do not mention it for the past 18 years ago

10:45 "Today we are not here Andrey Danko left as President of the National Council for what he did 18 years ago when he won the title," said Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová.

Write A. Danko about the work they want according to their words as a result of their behaviors, when it was done; threatening the fact that his hard work is going on. "He said he can not just make a decision on the court. We ask political responsibility, not criminal," she said.

"The director of the National Council and the second highest constitutional act can not stand up with a mortal mason, a convicted, deceitful and confused," said L. Nicholson describing the information of Journal N.

11:20 Most of the members of the partnership do not have a & # 39; Attending a parliamentary meeting where President Andrej Danko (SNS) attempts to make a challenging attempt. After leaving, Danka left the lapse. Many consortial leaders say there is no place to participate in the debate. "Most of us have no desire to take part in this circus," said Miroslav Ciz of Smer-SD. Also, according to CIS sources, several MEPs said that the meeting had nothing to do.

No Partnership BP vote

12:00 "He speaks about grace and the youngest in this parliament," said B. Kollar, who decided in the full meeting to take the floor after his . Thanks to begin to attack him personally against his political opponents. He reminded him that he answers questions to someone in public.

"I explained everything, and I can answer everything as long as you hide and hide here," he replied the President of Parliament. B. Kollar said crimes from Dank's time when, for example, the promotion of a state-owned enterprise. At the same time, he took over the leadership of the CIS under his leadership. He identified the main issues of the tourist centers run by CBS nominees.

12:02 According to unofficial information from a number of members of a consortium, the National Council President will finalize Andreja Danka in today's meeting regarding reassurance. The final vote should be confidential and its consensus is not valid; trying to attend.

12:24 Andrej Danko talks about grace and is the fairest in this Parliament. The head of the organization is named as a Boris Kollar family. He drew attention to a personalized Danko time and going on in tourist centers managed by CIS.

"Even on March 28, 2017, an unsuitable committee NR SR ordered Andrey Danko to move the proceedings to bring the order of Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) to a full meeting. President The National Republic of Slovak Republic has already been working for 603 days Okato and does not take into account the constitutional law. When there is nothing else, this should be enough for the end, "said Martin Poliačik.

A. Danka, a constitutional law, promises to vote and voting on the Committee's resolution. Matovic had to lose a parliamentary order because it had not been suspended aside and was also at that time.

The Constitutional Act on Conflicts of Interests is prohibited here and, if there is a breach, a mandate loss. Blocked trades will be automatically updated automatically if the craftsman is not actively involved. Matovic argues that this is his case, and he did not do it at any time.

Well: TASR

13:40 Democratic party chairman, SaS Richard Sulík, presented a copy of the first trout of diploma dissertation at special Wednesday. He responded to the words of the National Council Chairman (NR) of the SR Andreja Danka (SNS), who appointed the full-time lecturer that Sulík's diploma diploma did not fulfill the necessary and non-essential requirements; can find it.

"My diploma dissertation here, properly drawn up, has all the needs, which includes a list of literature used. Indeed, I do not have a myth in my work. I do not know where Mr Danko was, "said R. Sulík.

At the same time, he explained that work is available on the internet so that there is a vulgarism. "Where, in the months of the robot, this workout was done, I do not know," he said, with at least 50 drafts.

R. Sulik stated that his work with the title "Tax Reform of a Slovak Republic" was the basis of May 2003 for its joint council under which the tax reform was approved. "It was a great honor to me when I was giving advice to Ivan Mikloš," he said.

13:45 Coalition Most people do not. participating in the vote on her & # 39; praised to reject Andrey Danko from the office, the speaker confirmed Klára Debnár.

13:55 Andrej Danko is a legitimate President of the Slovak National Health Council for Smer-SD. As chairman of CIS, he participated in fair parliamentary elections and the result he has sought to hold the position of President of the National Council of the SR. This is mentioned in Smer-SD's opinion by spokesman Ján Mažgút.

"Today's incredible meeting of the SR National Council is on the recommendation that Andrey Danko be rejected from the President's position of the National Assembly of the Soviet Republic of the hardest statue of the state in which The challenge and a large part of the media. It is a different state of terrorism and total hate, where the challenge and the media do not realize that the truth is going away: "Co Anyone who sees their & # 39; wind to blow the storm, "wrote J. Mažgút.

The Smer-SD party also says in his opinion that he has an interest in a manner in which the challenge challenges his / her; Communications at the National Council "on SR Andrej Kisk President's scams." The Social Democrats did not accept whether they could take part in the & # 39; vote on A. Danko.

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