Danka attempts to apply in the & # 39; the Wednesday parliament


The opponents want Danko to mistrue for the purpose of his hard work.

20. November 2018 at 11:43 (updated 20. November 2018 at 15:40) TASR, SITA

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Bratislava. Andrej Danko (SNS), President of the National Council (NR), will again face a judge on Wednesday, November 21 at 9:00. TASR confirmed the speaker Dankov Tomas Kostelnik.

At the meeting, the opponents are trying to encourage Danko for the purpose of his detailed work.

Thanks, he says that he is ready for any decision. The President of the National Council confirmed that the meeting would be open.

The challenger will confront Danko problems

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The challengers confirm delays and say that there is a " stealing foreign texts than badly in a civilian country.

"Foreign texts will not be accepted incorrectly," said Deputy President Lucia Durise Nicolson (SaS) when he filed a petition.

Marek Krajci MEP said that the citizens of the SR were entitled to discover how Danko wrote his hard work. "I believe he will give an explanation at the meeting," he said.

Challenging rulers attempt to remove Danko from the office in the beginning of November. The meeting program did not agree enough number of electors, so the appeal did not come. Now, the situation should be different.

Danko wants to vote

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Last week, Danko advised that the CIS will support the opening of the meeting, and also asks its partnership partners.

He asks Members to vote for their personality. He talked about broken relationships in the partnership, saying he can not rule without trust.

Most of the Hid support will open the meeting, but they did not indicate how they would hold the session. Bele Bugar party name several days ago that Danko should make a personal decision. She won her criticism from the NHS, which is behind Dankom.

Bugar included a conflict between his party and the CIS, but the early elections can not be said either.

Danka's leadership, led by Smer, has stopped the hard work. He is considering his & # 39; Coalition Danko is a legitimate chairman of the National Council, who has come from free democratic elections.

Danko started repeating the week he had worked hard with his conscience and his / her. best cook.

"According to the relevant laws and technical opportunities at the time," he said.

Danko believes that we are still in & # 39; live in the rule of law, and that a newspaper article or Facebook status can not harm, convict and act unreasonably.

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