Danka's work does not have to be handwritten, Ján Turňa said


At the center, they are currently carrying out a project of the anti-refresher system."Confirmation of consistency is not larger or less than a sufficient reason to verify whether a bank is relevant. The software does not appear so Regardless of the structure that breaks down, whether it is already an introductory part, which, for example, is always counted for the current state of literature, " Tourna explained.

The General Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information stated that classical branchwriting has its resources abnormal. "In Mr Danko's case, the sources are named, so at least they were not hidden, but instead, let them know." We can consider whether the correct method of valuation was used, fagus

Tourna is considered "Unfortunate", when anyone, without more information, makes their bad and bad decisions; attract research and education into politics. Some of the words in his words are too heavy "clearly for political purposes". Perhaps, when someone said that several parties agree, it would be interesting to see the whole thing. "If there are independent parts, and their commission has been evaluated, so it is not a reason for anyone to come to a decision that they are a laptop & # 39 to get the parties in a concert " he said he could think that even work could be done where a great deal of games can be obtained if the author is aware of the commission. "Even the Nobel Prize has not been awarded for a text that did not answer one side," he said.

He also said that a rule within some of the universities or universities, if the game is not more than 40 per cent, is to accept the work. "When this number is exceeded, they are not satisfied, in this case the commission is the same as the court." Although some lawyers and lawyers have different ideas, the most important decision of the court is the final decision, " he said.

Many games in the work or failure of all the principles in writing were to find hard work in the work of the work of several well-known Slovak states. "They are in many institutes, but I never have to say that there are letters-letters there." It does not change that we need to fight against spelling, but not with closed eyes, " he said.

The National Council (NR) chairman of the SR Andrej Danko (SNS) opposed the Wednesday appeals in a secret ballot for the purpose of his detailed work. He will remain in the office, as the vote of only 61 rebellion, against 26 and one applicant present. Danko a meeting was defended, saying he graduated from Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, a & # 39; refusing to be a laptop. He argued that it is not a scientific work in hard work, but even as much desire is not followed. He said that the university's exact decision did not respond to his test.

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