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The relationship with Lajcak called Danko is fair.

Bratislava. CIS Co-chair Chairman Andrej Danko has refused to support the UN Unions in the parliament.

"In this form, the global agreement is not satisfied to us," said Danko. The UN Universe Potential on Migration is unsuitable for the CIS in terms of content.

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The Nationists will not allow anyone to participate in the talks in Marrakesh to talk about this.

He does not talk about his & # 39; partnership. He believes that I found a negotiation with his / her agreement on his / her; Agreement. The Foreign Minister, Danko said they have a good relationship.

The CIS is against its consensus

He stated that the CIS was a? Commending a resolution under the government that the government should take a disagreement with its Agreement.

The Parliament says that the World of Scotland's Convention on Migration "is an inconsistent document that is not in line with current security and immigration policy in Schoacc".

In the meantime, the Nationists are calling for more that the Saudi Government resists the World Unity Ability to Move. The CIS refuses to accept the & # 39; this paper.

Tell Danko that he was talking about the Monday situation with his / her; President Smer Robert Fico. "We have clarified the situation of our parties.

Danko criticized Lajčák

Tell me, from the CIS's opinion, that we also need not attend a compromise in Marrakesh, "said Danko, depending on what Fico should do with her; Foreign Affairs Minister to clarify.

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"I believe we can reach a negotiation solution, which will lead to the Slovian Republic of Healthy to make it clear that this agreement is not legally binding or does not want to be connected politically, how some are installed in the EU with this document, "said Danko.

The Soviet diplomatic president, President of the Fund and his / her son; National Council, and respecting its own words.

"We have a right relationship, but the words that this topic are used by populists, xenophobes and nationals who disperse lies and fake about this document, think that they have exceeded diplomacy terminology, I would be happy to avoid those words, "he said. to be able to assess his work.

However, Lajčák, according to Danko, "needs political respect for the decision of the Smeru-SD chairman." Fico made a fine on his / her consensus.

Minister resigning his resignation

Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák (named Smeru-SD) in connection with the Pakistani Declaration does not want to be part of the political struggle within.

He said that the debate on accommodation for the Global UN Company on Migration is an attempt to get political points. He did not get rid of his job impossible.

When the Migration Agreement was adopted, the UN member states 193 agreed in September 2016. Work began on its text in April 2017.

The aim of a 34-page paper is to help emigrate migrant routes better and strengthen emigration rights.

It emphasizes the incapacity of the sovereignty of individual countries and their right to the form of a migration policy.

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