Danko should again protect his hard work. In Parliament


His hard work, Andrej Danko, has made a copy of five publications. "It's unsuitable for foreigner words that are likely," said the challenge, and Danka attempts to stop.

Today, today's challenge is trying to appeal to the National Chief Executive of Andrey Danko for his & her; defeated his hard work. The first attempt was not with a challenging MP at the beginning of November, and a conspiracy lawyer did not vote for his / her. an incredible meeting program.

This time, the situation is different. After finding out that Danko had a copy of the bulk of his hard work from five publications, the NHS chief said he wanted to have his / her; meeting was held.

But Dance is more likely to continue to play. whole partnership. This is despite having a & # 39; The first statement of the Most-Hid consortium is to recommend its & # 39; meeting.

"According to the information published, the President of the National Sovereign Republic of the Republic should make a personal decision," asked Klára Debnár, a spokesperson. party, whose question is the idea of ​​& # 39; party that Danka lives in the office last week.

Although many have understood the statement so that most people want Danko to finish, Bugar himself has been refusal a few days.

"This is the case. This is not a consensus case. It's the decision to do what it will do," said the head of the Bridge, and the legislators of the parties also say the same.

"We can not see the hard work of Danko as the government should fall," said Patrick Antal.

Dance is lamenting

All NHS messages stood behind the chair. "The President of the Soviet National Party, Andrej Danko, has made personal responsibility just for his family, an NHS applicant, NHS membership and voters," said the vice president, Tibor Bernajak, in response to – for Most-Hide.

Danka also protects Guidelines. He believes that he is a legitimate chairman of the National Council, who has come from free democratic elections.

"I say, well, we use today's technology to judge all the work that has been done over the past 50 years, and what decisions we are doing & # 39; drawing from it? Equality is before the law and it is no matter whether Andrey Danka is anonymous or anonymous person from Horná Dolná, "said the head of the Parliament's Education Committee Ľubomír Petrák of Smer.

Danko error mails are exposed directly to the opponents. "Foreign texts tend to be inappropriate," said Lucia Durise Nicolson (SaS), Former Parliamentary President. The former Minister of Culture sent for Marek Maďarič's direction to his / her; criticized.

We attend an amazing AIRLINE meeting.

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