Dara Rolins at the New Man's Society: Who?


The beautiful Dara Rolins singer currently enjoys one life that is full of job offers, which brings together many new people. She shared relationships, and she immediately discussed as it seemed.

And it's here. Dara shoots with an unidentified man on his side, and a wave of ideas on the internet began to know how she was new. He was designed by the Japanese film Martin Šonk, a world-wide concert in the Redbull Attack Race. The singer, however, has put everything on the right with one status for another role.

"I appreciate your efforts to select my shoemaker, it's so easy, all the ideas in the last picture. Even though I believe you're thinking well, let me leave it. "

"I do not want to spoil everyone volunteer to take a picture with me, and moreover, it's also a bad thing for me." When the time comes, I will give you the true, last but not much smaller thing. A strong need for breathing for free air. "

Second and Martin a new filming to one of the leading mobile rescue companies, so it's not completely for someone to look for something else. The songwriter has been enjoying the amazing day in the company of close relatives the environment before Christmas in London. Dara is happy by himself, and now she does not lament her joy. In his working life, he is constantly doing his best, as well as many exhibitions, presenting its new diary for 2019 and enjoying the greatest enjoyment in private life daughter Laura.

Dara Rolins in London:

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