Daredevil Last Cancelation, expressed by Star Charlie Cox


Charlie Cox is no longer playing Daredevil.
Picture: Netflix

You can change your settings at any time Daredevil It hit a lot, but just over Charlie Cox – the actress Daredevil himself, Matt Murdock. After a week of peace, he finally came out and said his piece.

"Many of us had a huge expectation to continue, and I really did," Cox told Entertainment Weekly. "It is the truth, I felt that we had many stories to tell, and although I understand [the cancelation], I'm so sorry for that. "

Although there are Daredevil which was debated on Netflix in 2015, Cox was thrown as a character in the summer of 2014. It's four and a half years old, a long time to play one character today and today. In addition, the show was just about backing the third season for a few months ago. People still watched and watched; Looking forward to see what was next.

"Just as a business works," said Cox. "But too, these characters mean many people. It is odd to think that there is an opportunity for me to not play Matt Murdock again. That's a great feeling, because the a character without having been such a great part of my life for the past four years. "

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When asked where he thought the series was running after a three season, Cox was careful not to say too much, because he did not want to put salt into injury.

"I'm sorry to be sorry, but being honest, I do not believe that I should answer that," said Cox. "It's so new, the news is very painful for a lot of people. I was very happy about the ideas that I had been talking for a four season, and I'm sorry. ; think if I wanted to consider it and it went on the internet, and it might not be very helpful to people … Everything that I often say is to # 39; build and circulate, and I just want to make sure that I do not give any false hope. "

However, while Netflix had no problem, fans would get what the hope would be. In her statement after she has been closed Daredevil, write the network "Although the Netflix series has come to an end, the three seasons will already be on the service for years to come, as long as the character Daredevil to stay in future projects for Marvel. " But this character is not mentioned, and "future projects" for Marvel to mean anything. From Cox's surname words, it is clear that he thinks this is the end.

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