Dark & ​​White Potential & # 39; Weird to explain the percentage of 95 per cent of the globe


Galaxies will spun faster than they should. The space is spread apart when it should not. And everything has begun to & # 39; We feel we're going to go to; live in the dark when it comes to the big questions in a physics.

One expert solution is in a & # 39; which is unusual with a negative result. No, such material has never been seen before. But it's getting harder to get & # 39; hunting crannogs and historic power before the day, and so it's worth keeping our choices open.

Jamie Farnes from the University of Oxford suggests that we are " back to Einstein's theory of shared co-vision – the person who accounts for a spatial geometry belief – and his / her; Include a bit of it, so it's subject licensing with a negative majority.

This shift of a strange bottle could help to solve two of the most physically difficult mysteries – why galaxies can be; keep together when they spin? And why do Earths appear to grow so fast today compared to the last time?

At the moment, the best explanation for each idea is that very hard material is very much pushed or pulled.

It's a dark case that's going to be a # 39; Draw starfish and galaxies together with everything we see. It is more likely that some large granules that do not interact well with a clear case make it quite unexpected.

Dark energy, on the other hand, is the theoretical philosophy that is responsible for influencing faith forces, leading to large scale structures; move away and make a & # 39; Wildcats that appear to be a ' expand at a growing level.

At present, we are the best answers we have. Although there are many suggestions about the behind each, we are still closer to a smoking gun. That does, both of which have the two connections to; make up about 95 percent of the energy and the products in cosmos.

"It's a shame," said Farnes in his article The ConversationThe "But astrophysicists are the first to attack it."

Farnes is amazing if the darkness comes to 95 per cent into the same. It is recommended that they are & # 39; dark full-moving that appears in a vacant space and adversely affect the surrounding issue.

It was not only that there would be a lot of dysfunction; These behavioral attacks from each other, creating additional space for more dark fluid; appearing to truth, that he would be pushed into their stars, stopping them off, free degradation like galaxy disease.

As long as there are theories; It's possible to go, it's a very misleading feeling. There is nothing like a two-price price solution.

And still better, Farnes' negative negative modules could be tested by using data on the spread of galaxies collected by clicking on the " using Square Kilometer Array.

"Farnes says it looks beautiful," she said.

"Dark energy and dark case can be tied in a single content, with the two effects being easy to explain as a positive and serious cause to climb at sea of ​​negative mass."

Blessed, sure. But even Farnes agrees that the idea is a bit out there as long as the physics support.

Initially, although there are features that show varied features as they seem, not the only thing; and show indirect negative faults indirectly.

Secondly, as long as ordinary machines have a & # 39; Explain that the items will come in and out of vacuum – this is not a n; adds to the eternal generation of a dark brothel of negative mass.

Despite that, before you have done it; we went on our own, Albert Einstein praised himself like a general sketch. So there is a room in mathematics as a census for such a concept.

"In terms of Newtonian theory," wrote back in 1918, "a theory change is needed so that empty space & bringing so many serious adverse effects across the inter-state place. "

Remember also, eliminate the negative damage of the vacant place as its greatest disaster.

Despite that, yes. It's like to go to # 39; pushing place together and holding galaxies together, we do not have a response.

We can use some other tips up to our filter if all other comments are available; failed. In that case, the ancient Farnes-ceilidh-style model will go to; Burning dark beans but maybe her day in the Sun looks after everything.

"If it's true, it's recommended that 95 percent of the cosmos have a lively solution," he said.

"We forgot that a simple sign would be introduced."

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