Dark Souls Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki will win a Life Performance Award


Hidetaka Miyazaki received a Yesterday's Lifelong Achievement Award at the 2018 Gold Tissue Awards held in London.

Identified for its work on Software titles such as those Dark Waves series and Distribution, Miyazaki was awarded the prize with the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone games games. Often Miyazaki believes the two Fighting Fantasy game books like Sorcery! by drawing his interest in game design.

Although his speech was not very emotional, Miyazaki was very fond and enthusiastic about the distinction between his colleagues, colleagues, and fans.

I made the talk below, but I'm aware that Miyazaki delivered his speech in Japanese, so this is a transcript of the interpreter's sayings. If you want to see your own verbal talk, it will start at 54:00 in a & # 39; video of the event. Miyakaki said:

It is so spectacular and it is honored to receive this prestigious Golden Joystick award. I am very humble. This prize is not just my prize. It's going out to everyone who has been working with me over the years; making games, everyone who has worked with me, so I want to thank everyone who has been working with the & # 39 ; for everything. Thank you to my family for all the support, and more than anything, thank the players, everyone who likes, likes and likes it. value my games.

It is grateful to you, all players, that I have been able to continue to play games with the same potential ambition to play; make interesting games. And I'm so pleased to be able to make games in these interesting times with all of you.

I expect to continue to play games as long as as I can, and I will do the best to make sure that they are the games you like, so thank you for your ongoing support in advance.

And, coming up very fast, we are Seir: Shadows Die Two, which will be launched in March, so you can look forward to that.

This is what I am very much respecting this speech as it is; continue to cooperate and treat. Its game seems to be pseudo-co-operative, and the root of these systems is on the snowbird, only as part of Miyazaki's character, which is a renewable thing.

In winning the Gold Earrings for Lifetime Achivement, Hidetaka Miyazaki will have a " Combined with the previous awards, Meier Meier, Eiji Aonuma, Hideo Kojima, Satoru Iwata and Ken Levine.

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