Darko Lazić got bad news


Native Serbian singer Darko Lazic, who has been in hospital from 24th October, when he was in a bad traffic disaster, first announcing his fans through social networks. He has posted selfi from a hospital bed with whom he and his mother are together BrankoAfter the doctor dropped it to cell phone usage, he built pictures with his mother.

Due to problems, Darko, who was 27 years, had several hospital jobs. The doctors stopped the blood inside, but it is still intense care. It is expected that its revival will increase the emergence of the emergency; disturbed him. After the Serbian media was written, a very well-known singer would have a great deal. screaming it would be best not to & # 39; woke up from the jacket and he needed cows. Then the doctors removed him from other patients, and parents should no longer know that they have a drug problem with their son. So far, it should be certain that just about media records are transcribed.

Two weeks ago, Darku was then replaced with a folder, so he has a robotic man, but at the same time he ordered to lose 40 kilograms. "It's too heavy, Darke, which means it slowly slows slowly. Although two weeks have passed from work, it is still not accessible to the legs and does not move. The reason is too heavy, technology can not be built, because doctors are afraid to get rid of brackets, " Courier tell the hospital source.

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