Darksiders III starts with a starter trailer


Darksiders III will begin with a starter trickFinally Viking THQ to eliminate Fury, who is a leading musician Darksiders III, which means that those media need to go to; spreading pain to fatal sins and making it clear to the apocalyptic brothers who are not just a legend; in the poorer illness.

Le Darksiders III finishing their work for many years Gunfire Games, where one of the creators of this concept, David Adams, is also the president so this game should be of great importance to them. Here's what Adams says in the press release that the search revealed:

"Our team has spent over ten years giving up the story of the Four Horses to the Apocalypse, and we still feel that we just start. Darksiders III It's been a great fun and we're really hopeful that our fans are considered as big as we are. do. "

Reinhard Pollice, an active producer, joined him Viking THQ, who said he was a supporter of this saga since he disappeared in 2010 to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. He also noted Darksiders III They hope to achieve the aim of sending them out; this generation to a new generation of gamers and they have also given the final product that is essential to the patient's followers of this saga.

Darksiders III now available PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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