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In documents within Facebook issued by the U.K. parliamentary committee. they still offer the best possible evidence that the social network has been in & # 39; using most users' data as a competitive device, often in ways designed to keep its users in the dark.

The Parliament's media committee opposed Facebook on Facebook to set specific business with some of the app developers to give them more access to data, and their data. Bringing out others that he was looking as partners could be.

In other documents, industrial operators discussed how they were collecting and using consumer data from its users. That did include a & # 39; Collect call registers and text messaging from phonics users who run Google's Android operating system without going to & # 39; ask for permission.

The U.K committee published over 200 pages of documents about debates within a technological giant about the value of personal information of users. Although they are usually the time cover between 2012 and 2015 – a & # 39; The first three years after Facebook has been public – they offer a rare insight into their work; company and the extent to which people use information to make money while & # 39; as they were publicly committed to protecting their privacy.

The company's decision makers commented that the new publications were " confirms their concerns about what consumers know about how Facebook's data handling is.

"These types of schemes are just as companies need to publish exactly how they collect and share our data, with intense penalties for companies that are about it, "said Sen. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat in a statement.

Facebook name is the mischievous documents and said that "part of the story" is the information; there.

"As an industry, there were many internal discussions about the different ways in which we can build a steady business model for our platform," said his. company in a statement. "But the truths are clear: we never sold people's information."

In Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to put the documents into context. "Indeed, we're not allowed everyone to develop our platform," he wrote. "We have blocked a lot of skilled apps. We did not let developers use our platform to represent our roles or to grow their services in a way that & # 39; creating great value for people on Facebook. "

The U.K committee adopted the subscribers from the application application developer Six4Three, a bikini-looking application app that is now needed. Six4Three got the files as part of the US lawsuit. who opposes Facebook of anti-competitive anti-competitive business activities. The documents are still under a court seal in the US.

In a summary of the key issues that apply to the documents, said a & # 39; The committee has said that Facebook has been "protected," or made on companies such as Airbnb and Netflix, which allowed them to continue the everyday "friends" of the users even after the technology of the Change its name in 2015 to complete its usage.

"Facebook clearly agrees to timber agreements with specific companies, which meant after the stage changes in 2014/15 that they were in the # 39 ; keeping full access to friend data, "said a & # 39; committee in a statement. "It is not clear that there was any user's permission for this, or how Facebook agrees which companies should be returned or not."

The "question-raising" documents are important about how Facebook is dealing with consumer data, their policies for working with app developers, and how to use the most most in the social media market, "said committee chairman Damian Collins. "We do not really feel that we have direct answers from Facebook on these important issues, and that's why we are to download the documents."

The archive contains emails from Zuckerberg and other members of its staff. The e-mails show Zuckerberg and other activity schemes to encourage user data to unwanted companies; regarded as identifying risks and identifying marks.

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