Date of 11/11, Transportation Ministry to report to the Prime Minister about a BOT problem?


The head of the Ministry of Transport said on November 20 that the Ministry of Justice had a " Transport reported to the Prime Minister on dispatch resolution and BOT project problems under management; First Minister.

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The BI BOT station situation is of national interest, especially people in the Delta Delta. (Picture: With Phong).

On the afternoon of November 20, the Ministry of Transport director (Transport) for journalists' newspaper Speaker Today (20/11) The Ministry of Transport has told the Prime Minister that problems and problems will be solved BOT project Chief Executive's lead at the Government's Sustainable Meeting on November 8.

Healing response to Layer Bottled Station (Tien Giang), Ministry of Directorate, Transport, the Ministry said that the Prime Minister has two options for the Prime Minister to consider and decide.

In particular, option 1: keep up the current position of the station, continue to reduce & # 39; The total price for each vehicle through the station is about 30% compared to the first one. At this time, 1-unit (4 sets) vehicles will fall from 25,000 dong to 15,000 dong.

Option 2: Make another station on the way to avoid and collect the two stations. At that time, the station will collect on the National Highway 1 15,000 VND / route, the station will be able to avoid 25,000 VND / route for group 1 vehicles.

According to the Ministry of Transport, two options are still chosen on the basis of the five choices made by the Ministry; Previous Congress and nothing will change.

For Option 1, at the third quarter regular news conference of the Ministry of Transport (Transport), answer questions about the solution to the station. BOT Cai Lay (Department of Tien Giang), Deputy Transport Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong said this was the lowest of all the BOT projects on the current Highway 1.

At the same time, the extent of the sale for vehicles is extended. The Cai Lay town will apply for liberation from Long Khanh and Ward 2 committees.

For Cai Be area, Cu Cuune, My Hoi commune was reduced. 100% discount for buses and other vehicles that are not used for business; 50% discount for vehicles used for business.

According to calculations, with this plan, a restart time has a & # 39; project about 15 years and 9 months.

The Ministry of Transport will host; analyzing this option with a benefit not to provide the State's budget support, at the same time as the # 39; reducing some of the cost of transport of goods and traveling expenses of people. This project also aims to achieve important objectives; traffic reduction project, traffic disasters, Cai Lay village environment pollution center. The minimum thing is that the reimbursement period is extended.

With Option 2, the Ministry of Transport is a # 39; The advantages of this option are evaluated to reduce part of the consumer share response.

However, the cost of investing for new stations is built in the new situation around 90 billion, the local area needs to give more space to the station.

However, as a result of this option, the state of the transport routes on National Highway 1 will be taken forward, price on National Highway 1 is lower than the route, causing density, traffic disasters.

Earlier earlier, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Puc asked Minister of Ministers to; Transport to be chairman and coordination by ministries, departments and areas involved in reviewing projects. BOT, there will be appropriate medicines, transparency, transparency to overcome the shortcomings and constraints in the past.

The Prime Minister is appointed Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung for the Ministry of Transport and ministration services, branches and areas to solve the problems and disadvantages of the projects above, 11/2018.

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