Dávid († 26) was injured after an accident in the tree: PHOTO The worrying situation of the accident


The accident crashed on the road between Hronovec and Želiezovce in the Levice area. When David sat behind his wheel, he did not know that he would return home on Christmas evenings. About half-past eight, running his vehicle out of the road and hit a tree.

From the Peugeot that David had put on, the shipwreck was only after the crash.

David died

Well: KR PZ Nitra

The wounds were so bad that the rescuers could not help the young man. What is signified under the storm is now a mystery. The accident happened on a similar trip. Anyway was the young carriage threatening it? wheel or not, it was an unfortunate accident, or knew what he was doing, policing.

David died

Well: KR PZ Nitra

However, David's death can not be explained to him. The lover on the social network in the post does not want but one – "Why?"

David went into the car

Source: Facebook / D.B.

Bozena Bruchter, a police spokesman in Nitra, said that the cause of his youth could not be a cause for his youth to reach his capacity. "Autopsy exists in the worst case, a criminal offense to kill a cause," a police spokeswoman said.

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