David Moyes is the amazing Man United, as a whole


Date published: Monday 11 February 2019 9:46

Peter Schmeichel believes that there should be no regret in Manchester United, "they've been releasing David Moyes soon.

United official Moyes in the summer of 2013 when Sir Alex Ferguson replaced the place.

The former manager of Everton lasted just 11 months in post before being released in April 2014, with Ryan Giggs taking place in the interim.

Louis van Gaal was then appointed in the summer of 2014 but was removed to Jose Mourinho two years later.

The club received some last stability over the leadership direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Norway appointed the post when Mourinho left the club in December.

United United won ten of their 11 games under Solskjaer, finally returning to the top four great benefit over Fulham on Saturday.

But Schmeichel believes that the problems of his / her club are coming from sending Moyes, who lost 15 of his 51 games that were over the Premier League squad, enough time.

"If we should have any regret at Manchester United, that's what we did not give David just seven months," he said to BEIN SPORTS, doing the same thing that Moyes did and that he was very well Noting the entire season he received.

"I think we should give more time, and assume that there were no results as they would, and that a game would be a bit different.

"" I believe it would have been a place. It is a personality and understanding. He had so many things to learn and nobody was learning. It was left, in particular, to run a football division by itself. "

He added to him (in full) the security support manager, Mike Phelan and to include all his own supporters as a "mistake", replied Schmeichel:

"I think it would have helped him, had someone with that kind of knowledge.

"But I also understand where it is coming, you know? And he thought that he knew that knowledge, Manchester United's knowledge, from Phil Neville. So he had someone there, He was thinking about these lines.

"I do not think he wanted someone who had been working with Sir Alex. I can understand that. & Maybe when you look back, that was a mistake.

"But from the club's look we should not have been released, because that's what we have done on our baby making decisions. So we will introduce name and that was completely wrong.

"Did we introduce Mourinho instead of Louis van Gaal, I'm sure history would tell us that it would be better. He would be better to come in at the then instead of Van Gaal.

"These are too many things that happened, too many players have been introduced that were not suited to it, and they may not be suitable for Manchester United too.

"But you know, we're going back, we're a football club, we look at our history, and we'll go to it. , going back and we will look at the number of years since Sir Matt stopped and retired in 1970, and continued to date 1986 – and he still gave Fergie from # 86 to 93 to set her first inn on his seal.

"United is the kind of club that will always be back. This time we just hope it's a bit faster. And I have to say, how it goes , I want Ole. "

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