Davincij15 (Charco on its Bitcoin Revolution Back in 2011) a & # 39; Express the new Cryptocurrency Registration System


Davincij15, a trademark and trader with cryptocurrency and metals market knowledge, has previously published a document that provides guidance for the creation of a calibration appraisal system that will be used in basic analysis.

This entrepreneur grew popular in the crypto-verse after a video published in 2011, discussing the features of Bitcoin, its benefits as a means of value and electronic money in addition to the faster growth this technology (currently unoccupied) in the coming years.

It is important to be aware that the video was released by davincij15, worth $ 9.57. In 2011 BTC began with a value of $ $, finishing with a price of $ 3.06 with a top of $ 15.4 reached in July.

The document contains three sections: Its first part is & # 39; establish a general classification of cryptos in groups of 4 Strands. The second part describes a system for scoring each crystal point, and # 39; send or delete according to the features. The third part provides advice for successful crypto trading.

The Sequence system provides a unique feature of analysts that allows the analysts; for crypto to be successful in the future. Here is the explanation for each rod:

Moons 1 String of the Cryptocurrency Level System

Cryptocurrency needs to be in the top 25 in market capitalism which includes stable bases. The cryptocurrency should not be mediated which means that the number of nodes that may exist on the network does not limit or the number of nodes is </ p>; Increase in some easily over time and / or based on usage. In addition, marketing and strong growth need to be behind.

In this group he put money on money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin among others

2 Firebirds of the Crypto Recording System

These glaptocurrencies are up and coming, their developers have a strong and supportive community but there are no other areas. The project is interesting and varied enough from bitcoin to stand for itself. These medals must be listed on 5 or more exchange and End User Poles.

According to their analysis, "Most of the 2nd Medals have bitcoin copies". However, other border funds such as EOS could enter this section.

Third rank coats of The Rank

This encryption may even have an enhancement community even though they do nothing at this time and have little maps. A falling fall; fall below $ 10 million in a market captain but they are listed on at least three exchange rates.

Davincij15 Dogecoin added in this section.

Ships 4th Cryptocurrency Installation System Stations

Are dead, broken chains, or fires killed without a development team, small community support and no important changes on the basis of their? code over a year. Also, if the cryptocurrency project with a market valuation value is less than $ 1 million. The problem is going to & # 39; turn to a thin However, if the base is collected on more than one pump exchange and dumpers try to run this base value and at that time, a profit can be made

As an example of a 4-yard base he emphasized MaxCoin

The document is not yet ready, and Davincij15 stated that several changes have been made on the way. He will ask the community to explore the text and submit suggestions to improve this system every day, and # 39; benefit the whole community.

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