Davis Cup: The Blues are unhappy against the big building site – Davis Cup


The French team is resentful and inconsistent after his defeat in the last Sunday against Croatia, struggling for a project and a & # 39; Including congestion of the new formula being built.


Jean-Julien Ezvan and Romain Schneider

In Lille

The International Federation wants to name the Davis Cup to continue the reform, and that history is resistant density (final level on neutral land). To clear the move, when some, like Yannick Noah, call the new formula "Coupe Piqué" (named after the Spanish football game leader of the Kosmos group, who bought the event) and is a & # 39; Most of the most prestigious players (Djokovic, Federer no Zverev) say that the project will live without it. In the French clans, players do not want to hear about the future. Not yet. France, as those involved in another finals in the 2018 organization (Croatia, Spain, the United States) and two guests (Great Britain, Argentina), have already received a qualification for the the final stage of 2019 (from 18 to 24 November in Madrid, hard) of the new edition still in the production and production of dark conversations. But after the defeat in the late 106'sS and Cupa Davis is finally an original, boiled, bitter form, the French has difficulty in turning the page. Thierry Champion, chief executive, agrees: "A bit of it& Edmove. We are, French, conservation, we were connected to. There will be a new formula, we have to wait to see a judge. The current formula was not working so well … France team will be next year, no matter what happens."

Visible Amelie Mauresmo

Pierre Cherret, the national technical director, completes: "It will be essential nowedto join Ameddregs (Mauresmo, named Davis Cup captain last year to succeed Yannick Noah) to see how she can see the series of events. We let the players just circulate before they talk about the rest. She was very unhappy, she thinks of her staff, will calmly stir, Understand that we have some time now, it will not be played in February (date previously preserved for 1st convert and framework, in 2019, a start-up to encourage the twelve teams to be cited to complete the final-end poster, Ed). "

French, washed after the lost end against Croatia, was aware of maintaining the problem: "C& # 39;In a year, it will happen a lot. What is it? Sto be crEEgu Madrid will be like gu competitions that are l& # 39;we, like a rest of it& # 39;year on an ATP tour. Week. We will represent our country, but we will not play in front of our country or against a country that will; play at home. So, it does not always feel like that. Do we want today, as long as it's? We can train, to compete at the end of the year, which is not the same as the Davis Cup? Today& # 39;Yes, I do not give it redanswer", a summary of Pierre-Hughes Herbert.


Lucas Pouille, he has decided: "J& # 39;has always been telling what I was going to think about Davis Cup for the next year with her & # 39; new format. I will not change my mind right now. As long as I'm worried, I will never have a & # 39; playing the Davis Cup again. So this is the last time …" After the results, Davis Cup cleaning is committed to being unhappy …

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