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On 18 February, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Association and Medicine Faculty, Chulalongkorn University, Otolarynology Department, Chulalongkorn Hospital Along with Royal College Otolaryngologists from Thailand Ministry of Public Health And the network of various medical centers in the conference "World 201 Hearing Day 2019" World Hearing Day "and they spent a seminar to teach in Thailand Thailand's ear disease and hearing in Thai youths. including the importance of the Thailand Hearing Day 2019 at a & # 39; 14th floor, Rommanee Terrace Five Siri Mangkhanusorn Building Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Association

Professor Sornwet Lekakun, Councilor for South East, Strong and Badge The World Hearing Day 2019, the World Health Organization aims to find and find out about it. hear for hearing loss early. So, the topic "Investigate your hearing" is set by an important message. Do those people confirm the hearing from time to time In particular those with a high risk of loss of loss, such as those who are over 50 years of age who work in high voice For the World Hearing Day event held since 2007 and using the name of the International Northeast Care Day event and changed to the World Listening Day. But from the situation that needs hearing loss problems in Thailand From the situation of a disability report in Thailand With the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (The data ending on 31 October 2018) found that either (375,680 people to send identification cards for hearing or non-verbal problems 18.41%) after a body movement or disability (1,015,955 people, 49.77%) Higher than -oo, higher than the hearing problem. However, this information is only for those who have been recorded for disabilities. Indeed, hearing difficulties have decreased the Thai population of about 2.7 million people or similar to the Nakhon Ratchasima population. If we do not try to stop it and settle it In the future, every 10 people from Thailand may be able to meet with an audience 1.

Dr. Sornwet has caused many losses. Voice inflammation or a & # 39; cairn It has been a huge impact on the head. Links Increase by age No some drugs affect their & # 39; inner ear, etc. to be damaged before otitis media is a key cause for people to experience hearing losses But now, when antibiotics have been developed, access to public and health systems has and as a result there are middle otitis problems. Along with our changing behaviors There is more for mobile phone, different concerts, sporting events. And other actions Soundtracking Expression of lost loss of hearing In addition, more people stay longer, hearing ear loss is more common. But they found out that some people are not aware of the problem in terms of losing or threatening to show a loud sound And never have a hearing test What if the clouds have a message to decline, there will be no way to settle it. It's time for us to be aware of the importance of hearing loss and trying to find a way to stop it.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somdej Ungthaworn Deputy Chief, Medical Council, People 2 They said that there were hearing difficulties in Thai children and listening assessment policies in young babies Eventually, the problem of hearing loss in that child Do not know that there is a problem with 2-3 age years ago because the child is going to refusing to talk God as well as those children who can open and revive them Or maybe it will not be taken back at times. Introducing children with language and communication difficulties It also influences other developments as well. At present, a screening in diagnosis is done in many hospitals. And people become more aware of hearing problems At present, Royal College of Otolaryngologists in Thailand Together with the Ministry of Public Health Prepare a project to improve patient care efficiency. What is the screening of audiences in new children that are one of the projects With the aim of auditing audio screening in new ùts And let's hear with a bad hearing We got a revival at the right time

For children, there are ways that parents can look at the development of their child's listening:

  1. Judgment time – 3 months
  • Shocked or cried when he heard a loud voice
  • There is a sound playing in the neck.
  1. 3-6 months
  • Aim to stop listening When parents talk to children
  • A roll or turn is to find the well that is happening around the child, even though there is a soft sound.
  • Children are pronounced like cushions and vowels together, such as Gaga Baba.
  1. 6-9 months
  • The child will come his head to turn the campaign.
  • Children will get more consonants and vowels. By 4-6 recordings, such as La La Ba Ba Baca
  1. 9-12 months
  • Children have long-lasting sounds that are words that are long for communication.
  • Children can follow simple instructions as hell, blameless.
  • The child will talk to her; first word, similar to words like Mum Mum.
  1. 12-18 months
  • Children can do the right process.
  • Children will begin to speak as a word with one sense. Children can speak at least 10-15 words, such as parents, cats, milk.
  1. 18-24 months
  • Children can follow simple instructions. Identifying at least 2 groups, aiming at familiarities
  • Children will talk about 40-100 words and start to & # 39; Speak in short phrases as they do not come.

If parents find that they have a language development and delay their / their children, they should give their children just for a doctor. For its assessment Early diagnosis and rapid recovery of recovery

Prof. Dr. Saowaros Phontaphak, President of the Royal Otolaryngologists in Thailand and President of the event World Listening Day Thailand 2019 He said it was a Royal Otolarynology College in Thailand Along with the Public Health Ministry Spring Spring, Medical Dress and Medical Holding and Earth Listening Day Listening in Thailand held in 2019 or Thailand's World Hearing Day 2019 on 3 March 2019 at 7.00-13.00 hours. At Lumpini Park, Bangkok. With the aim To educate the audience about the loss of a hearing Explain research And to hear screening in children Encourage people to be aware of self-care. Avoid a variety of things That will mean hearing difficulties And give you knowledge of ways to prevent sound risks With activities on the day, such as conversations and knowledge of A & # 39 ; hearing and hearing loss hearing Presentation of listening experience, such as listening anatomy and listening device Minor listening to a hearing Moving correctly and correcting voice Listening voice Emergency woman Awakening surgery Examination Help Listening Drugs affect ears, etc. In addition, interested parties can request more information by telephoning 02 256 4103 (on official days).


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