Dealers showcase "dark shades" on Black Friday


Many people cost a few tens of millions, even several hundred million to buy discounted items on Black Friday. But the "dark sellers" of this concessionary day, presented by retailers, forced many people to reconsider their persistence.

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In recent years, a sales movement was Friday Friday – Black Friday all over the world, including Vietnam. Millions of people around the world throw their money in their pockets, going to shops for goods at a large drop of 30-50%, or even being reduced to 80%.

Although customers are waiting for the biggest retail day of the year, no one is there; Understanding black "dark shades" at Black Friday is larger than customers.

Here are the "dark shades" at Black Friday:

Increase your previous price so that it looks like the # 39; decline

This is the search The Wall Street JournalAfter this, a fifth of the items that are discounted by 8% rise against these black numbers against Black Black. Even toys and devices will cost 23%.

Perhaps this is the perfect answer to the question why the label is still overwhelming and profitable.

Salesman publishing & # 39; Dark Black Black Friday: You have to go back
Many black black Friday is still a profit

Indeed, in 2012, Mr Johnson – Chief of Penney (women's fashion banner) – is included, at his company, that the sales level is "full price" (sufficient value ) is very low, only 1/500 only. But for the sale season, consumers enjoy an advanced level of around 60%.

According to it, about 10 years ago, the sales rate was only 38%. This does not mean that its sources are "worse", just because its & # 39; Original price has been pushed up by 33%.

It is the largest content in the # 39; sale, old fashion

For messages classified as "popular products" – good prices at affordable prices, there may be new access in a few pounds. So, at the end of the season, only old, old, and defective models can reduce the prices of 40-50%. At the same time, new products only decreased by 10% -20%. These flashlights are also intended to inspire new products for customers.

In addition, vendors may receive 20-30% support to cut prices, especially for electronics. This is why even private electricians can go down badly at those times.

Salesman publishing & # 39; Dark Black Black Friday: You have to go back
Many of the things that are discounted are scheduled or fashionable

That's why, despite buying money on Black Friday, it's hard to be able to; Expecting fashionable things, as the logo does not usually reduce old fashion to stimulate demand, rather than stockings. capital.

Items are sold separately for Black Friday, lower quality

CNN and Forbes Wholesalers mainly sell "special" electronics, made of key brands specifically for Black Friday. Unfortunately, these items are lower than usual.

On Black Friday, many retailers have ordered the order of television, with attractive promotional prices for the same model you can see. But they often have a poorer screen quality or lack of obvious features.

So if you're thinking of buying a new TV in Black Friday, look more closely at the product model. If there is only one manufacturer at this module, change your mind. Do not buy it at this time. The television series may have been specially made for Black Friday.

Salesman publishing & # 39; Dark Black Black Friday: You have to go back
Hundreds of people who are discounted to buy a discounted TV on Black Black 2017

Indeed, in Vietnam, in recent years, many retailers have also identified their own products for prices lower than those in the market.

Fashion clothes: Several dozen have tried

Some textile dealers have shown that cloth products that are offset at a & # 39; The shop was often uninhabited in the shop for a long time. Unfortunately, when offered for sale, several dozen users tried it before you bought it.

So sellers say if you need to buy these items if used.

To "Limited Limited"

There are very few products that often go to; made by producers or advertising. In some cases, these items will be sold out minutes before opening hours.

So, if you can not go to your early shop, make a long windy long, you should not run under these ads. When you lose to buy a & # 39; you need a program, you 'll be able to; go out empty or burn more money to other items you did not expect to buy first.

This is one of the clean lines in the consumer sporan that vendors who use on Black Friday.


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People's flow to shopping centers in European and American countries is becoming increasingly. Many people have been stretching up early, eating out of the place to be like a & # 39; first one to get the discounted product.

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At Black Friday, she does not sleep for 3 hours, even & # 39; And to stay up all night, eat, drink water and go to the toilet, many hiring times must be due to time.

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