Dean Ambrose is out of WWE


After the facts, there is a confirmation of a fall that does not bomb: Dean Ambrose is out of WWE! The "Lunatic Fringe" has called to WWE to leave its company when it comes to; contract terminated, which will take place next April.

This company has proved this even through an official website, telling fans that Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good) is on the phone. make a decision without the renewal of the contract with WWE and leave it after its contract has expired.

This confirmation could explain the loss of WWE Intercontinental Championship and how it was eliminated from the Royal Rumble game without much service by Aleister Black. You can also explain what happened on this Monday Night Raw, where he lost to Seth Rollins and still attacking Nia Jax.

It is also known that Vince McMahon had a meeting with Dean Ambrose, where he offered a new salary increase contract, but the activists dropped his proposal.

Nearly WWE stores say Dean Ambrose is unhappy with the direction that his character accepts and reaches the place where he can not stand. These sources also show that Vince McMahon has confirmed Dean Ambrose that this is not a move to make more money.

They also say that Dean Ambrose is someone who hates "foolish ideas" and who is " Feels that many of this type of thinking have been the main goal of its character, which has made the biggest solution more. The closest people knew Dean Ambrose for their long term decision.

After saying this, it is still unknown that Dean Ambrose will not appear on WWE programs and if WrestleMania is fully denied.

What do you think about this situation? Do you think Dean Ambrose is a? coming out of WWE to do the right thing or would like to go to; continue in the WWE?

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